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Dream of Danger

Dream of danger

Dream psychology overview

Dreaming of dream of danger represents your current depressed mood, and also implies that the current difficulties; The different dangerous situation in the dreams indicate the degree of difficulty that the dreamer is going to face. Fortunately, the dream of danger which is a reminder from the subconscious can strengthen your confidence in overcoming difficulties, and soon after, achieve a success at work or in life.

Dream of danger

Dream of yourself in danger, is a reminder to you that although, you are facing some difficulties currently, but through your efforts, you will be able to finally see the light at the end of the day.

Dream of your family in danger, but in reality they are not in danger, it is your emotions of fear and anxiety at work. It could be that they are facing some difficulties at work or in life, and selfless care from you may help.

Dream of a child in danger, do you think your child’s performance is not up to your satisfaction? Perhaps the problem lies on yourself, are your requirements too demanding?

Dream of a child in electric shock, it is only a reflection of concern, and also contains an indication of coddle. Of course, in the current living environment, fear of food, medicine and other security issues may be hazardous to children’s health .

fighting dream

Meaning of fighting dream

Psychology Overview of having fighting dream

Fighting is a form of physical intimacy, and it represents friendship. The meaning of the fight in the dream differs from person to person. Dreaming of getting beaten up by others for no reason at all, indicates that the dreamer will encounter bad things, work with caution; Dream of getting beaten up by lover, means the love will be deep between the two people, and love will last forever; Dream of beating others up, means that the dreamer is not satisfied with some things in life, this discontent may also continue to torture the dreamer for some days.

Dream of fighting

Dream of getting beaten up by others, there will be riches in life, there will be auspicious events happening to you and family who are sick will recover fully soon;

Dream of a stranger getting beaten up, indicates that the dreamer will meet with some difficulties;

Dream of a family member beaten to death, indicates that there will be an addition to the family members;

Dream of beating up animals, indicates that the dreamer will be getting a fortune;

If a prisoner dream of getting beaten up, he or she will be released soon;

Dream of fighting with someone, indicates trouble, pay more attention to what you say and do; But if you dream of fighting with classmates, indicates that you will gain popularity, and you would be able to interact boldly with anyone, and everyone around you will be sincere and there will be no conflicts;

Dream of a lot of people fighting, indicates that there is a trauma in health. Pay attention to your digestive system, it is likely to suffer from acute gastroenteritis, stomach ulcer, gastroptosis, diseases like appendicitis. During this time, you should absolutely not be overeating.

Dream of beating or beating animals

Dream of beating others, means that you will be putting in efforts for others, and will be praised by others;

Dream of asking someone else to beat someone, indicates the person getting beaten up will become your best friend;

Dream of getting beaten up by someone who is not related to you, is an inauspicious sign and a sign of failure;

Dream of getting beaten up by lover, means the love will be deep between the two people, and love will last forever;

Dream of beating your own chest, is an inauspicious sign, it either indicates that you will be implicated in a criminal case or death of relatives or friends;

Dream of hitting the floor frequently, the barriers of promotion will be removed, this is an auspicious dream for someone going to bankruptcy;

Dream of getting beaten up by others and end up dead, indicates that all the disasters and sufferings will end soon, and will be living a happy life. If a patient had this dream, it indicates that he or she will recover very soon;

Dream of beating a dog, indicates that you will be suspicious of someone loyal to you, due to your own mistakes;

Dream of beating a cat, indicates that you will expose a fraud by a fraudster;

Dream of beating a cat for no reason, indicates that you will become enemies with your neighbours;

Dream of fight battle

Dream of battling with others, indicate you are feeling somber;

Dream of a battle between 2 people, indicates that you will become a judge;

Dream of a battle between 2 animals, indicates sufferings;

Dream of a battle between relatives and friends, indicates financial difficulties;

Dream of battling with a lady, indicates negative reputation;

Dream of battling with a married woman, indicates a broken family and dead members;

Dream of fighting with brothers

Fighting with brothers will prevent disasters. Brother are someone close and fighting is a physical intimacy, to dream of fighting with brothers, indicates an unbreakable bond with family and friends, the relationship is not afraid of the inciting from others, and when encountering problems, you will also get help from friends, and avoid troubles.

Dream of slapping on the face

Slapping is a barbaric behavior in life, but in dream, it usually means that there will be celebrations;

Dream of getting slapped by someone, indicates that the dreamer will have an overnight success;

Dream of slapping someone, indicates that the dreamer will have to bear the mocking from others for a period of time;

Dream of someone slapping another, indicates that the dreamer loves to defend against injustice, and have a very strong sense of justice;

dream of flying

Dream of flying

To dream of flying represents the dreamer is feeling energetic, and also suggests the dreamer has the ability and self-confidence to exclude any difficulties in reality.

Dreaming of flying in the air, indicates that the dreamer is not only energetic, but his or her popularity will also increase and will be admired by others. It could also be that the dreamer is embarking on a new work and is full of energy. After some effort, his or her wishes will be realized in terms of promotion.

In ancient India, it is believed that the sexual energy has reached the top of the head and causes the dream of flying.

While in ancient China, it is believed that if the energy on the upper part of the body is overwhelming then you will dream of flying.

In Chinese medicine, if there is any disease in the upper part of the body (ie, head to the stomach), including the chest, head, heart and lungs, it is easy to dream of flying.

Flying dream meaning

If you dream that you can fly, the dream suggests that you will be promoted at work and gain business profitability. It is also reminding you to be more tolerant of your family members and be more understanding, and should not have any quarrels with family members.

Dream of flying and the experience is easy with no feeling of any pressure, indicating that the dreamer is going smooth at work. And when someone needs help, the dreamer should offer help and they will certainly reap the rewards.

Dreaming of flying in fear or feel that you are flying too high, suggesting that the dreamer is worried about the challenge, success, fortune and prosperous.

Dream of flying and having fun flying at high altitude, indicating that the dreamer has the ability to control everything, and the space to display their ability.

Dreaming of flying with difficulties, indicating that the dreamer has a lack of control of the surroundings. Anything such as trees, mountains, poles can hinder their flying, which represents a real obstacle in real life. It is a reminder to the dreamer, the need to figure out who or what is hindering their advances.

Dream of taking flight from muddy water, it is a reminder to the dreamer to be careful with their own private affairs. Because the opponents are carefully watching them and waiting to bewitch them.

Dreaming of flying through a dilapidated place, suggesting that the dreamer may be having bad luck recently. The dismal surroundings is depressing. If the dreamer notice green plants while flying, it suggests that the dreamer will experience a short life constraints, but will have a meteoric rise after.

Dream of flying to the sky, showed that the dreamer will move towards a new realm.

Dreaming of flying high and can touch the stars and the moon, suggesting that the dreamer may hear rumors of a big disaster occurring.

Dream of flying in space, flying across the moon and other planets, indicating all kinds of troubles.

Dreaming of flying mainly means to promotion, flying is a rise in the position, and represents a promotion in position.

Dream of flying means that the dreamer will be promoted at work or gain benefits at business.

What it means to different types of people to dream of flying

People in love dream of flying together with their lover, indicates that it most likely the dreamer will be successful.

Married women dream of flying with strangers, means that the dreamer has dissatisfaction with the family situation and has a faint idea to leave her husband. Or the child may become ill, and the dreamer should be more concerned and care for the children.

Woman dream of flying from one city to another city, and stop half-way and rest only on top of the church steeple, it is to remind the dreamer that there are many obstacles to overcome, and she may be using the wrong methods.

People at the growth stage dream of flying, is a reflection of physiological phenomena of growing tall.

Adult dream of flying into the sky freely, for the most part, it is a symbol of freedom and success, and is a reflection of the self-confidence of the dreamer.

Women dream of flying with strangers, it means that the dreamer, can give up love to wealth, and may leave her husband for another rich man.

Young women dream of getting shot down while flying, indicates that there are opponents trying to prevent the dreamer to a higher, more valuable and more prosperous areas of development.

Different states of dream of flying

Dream of flying happily, suggesting that the dreamer has recently gained a lot in life.

Dream of having the ability to fly and feel happy and excited, and a form of release, flying in a relax mode, and enjoying the scenery below, which shows a certain situation has been controlled by the dreamer, and that he or she has gone beyond the understanding of certain things, it also means that the dreamer has achieved a new and different insights about certain things.

Dream of flying and the mood is tense or melancholy, it is in the subconscious, an escape from reality, and to remind the dreamer to face up to reality.

Dream of seeing the sun while flying, it indicates that the dreamer’s worry and fear of failure is meaningless, and will ultimately be successful, it is to remind the dreamer, rather than worry about it, he or she should put in all the efforts and energy.

Dream of flying but did not fly high

Dreaming of flying but did not fly high, indicates that the reality of things were not as good as what the dreamer has imagined. Setting overly high ideals and feel powerless will leave frustrations. It is to remind the dreamer to live within his or her own means and progress better slowly.

Dream of flying at low altitude, indicates that the dreamer has ability but has not showed its potential.

Dreaming of flying almost close to the ground, suggesting that the dreamer may be ill or feeling upset because of some bad things, but all these will soon be back to normal.

Dream of growing a pair of wings and fly

Young man dream of flapping white wings and flying over the green field, indicates the good progress in business and the success in love. If this dream often appears, it means that the dreamer will be prosperous and wishes will be fulfilled. If the trees below look bare or dead, it is to remind the dreamer that, to realize their aspirations, they have to overcome and remove barriers encountered, with determination and perseverance.

Dream of growing a pair of long black wings and flying, reminding the dreamer to always look back and review, has the path walked down deviated from the established target, if you have deviated, then you should reposition yourself and identify the direction, in order to seek the best development.

Dream of flying and riding the wind

Dreaming of flying and riding the wind, suggests that the dreamer is traumatized by his or her own behaviour. It is to remind the dreamer to be tactful and not to speak ill of others behind their backs. And to be careful of their own behavior and prevent loose lips.

Dream of flying but falling from high above

Dreaming of flying, but fall down from high above suddenly, and being chased by a beast or Monster, or encountering earthquakes, air crashes, indicates that the dreamer is feeling a loss. It may be that in reality what he hopes to have is not being realized, and he or she thinks that he or she is a man or woman of talent and has yet to cast their abilities.

Dream of killing someone

Dream of killing someone

Dream of killing someone: Killing will not solve the contradiction, and will only increase hatred, dreaming of murder means an increase in the hatred, there will be more people hating you, and there is a need to review one’s own words and deeds. Dreaming of killing the enemy, is to stop hatred with hatred, like carrying faggots, can only make the fire bigger and hatred growing stronger. This means that your way to deal with conflicts is not correct.

The following analysis statements are from the Oriental dream analysis experts, this site does not agree with this view, and it is only for reference.

Dream of killing someone means that there are too many foes;

Dream of killing a foe means that the foe will only get stronger;

Dream of killing a relative means that you will get inheritance;

A woman dreaming of her husband getting killed, means that the couple will be happy and blissful;

Dream of getting hurt by a stranger, means a good healthy body and will live long;

Dream of being killed by a family member, means that the “killer” will get inheritance;

Dream of being an accused of murder, means that you will become reputable;

In general, if you dream of killing someone frequently, it means that your life is in chaos and you have made too many enemies in life. Therefore, learning to be more magnanimous and forgiving is very important for you. Tolerance and forgiving is an open-minded attitude towards life, it is a great and charming personality, and is an extraordinary outlook of life. Open minded people, often have an attitude like the sea, they face the blues with a calm and open heart, that is why their lives are filled with sunshine.

Psychological analysis of dream: a dream of murder

1: If you dream of killing others, there certainly was an opportunity previously, recall what this opportunity is about, it often represents your defects in potential, it lets you want to settle some things desperately and while doing so, it will bring adverse consequences. So this dream is reminding you of reality, to perfect himself of your flaws, like temper, tolerance degrees and so on.

2: If you dream of being killed, committing suicide and even beheaded, pay attention to the feelings it gave you throughout the whole process.

  • A lot of people dream of their own deaths, it is like they are already dead, but felt like they did not die either, another dream is that they still survived. This dream represents your heart would like to forget. Perhaps you want to extricate yourself from the current environment, hoping to get rid of all the trouble in the past, to radically change yourself.
  • If you dream of yourself very much afraid of death, and in pain, you probably encountered some trouble recently that makes you nervous. Friends who are already in trouble, pay special care to resolve the matter at hand, friends who have yet encounter troubles, have to be careful at work and stay out of trouble.

3: If you dream of killing someone frequently, it means that you life is in chaos and you have made too many enemies in life.

Dream of killing

Dream of killing, the killing in the dream represents a great emotional pain in life.

Dream of killing someone, means that your competitor has appeared at work;

Dream of killing a certain someone, means that the dreamer is currently facing some emotional stress in life;

Dream of being a witness of a murder, means that there will be changes to the dreamer;

Dream of killing insects or animals, means that the dreamer will get help from friends;

Dream of killing insects or animals, means that the dreamer has overcome some obstacles through own efforts;

Dreaming of killing someone: Analysis from the Original Dream Dictionary

Dream of getting hurt by someone, is auspicious;

Dream of killing someone means prosperity;

Dream of killing someone and blood stain on clothes, means will get money in life;

Dream of witnessing a murder is mainly an auspicious sign;

Dream of being assassinated is an auspicious sign;

Dream about being pregnant

Dream about being pregnant

Psychological Overview of Dream about being pregnant

Pregnant dream symbolises a kind of psychological or spiritual nurture of new ideas, new point of views, new experiences, new consciousness or the birth of new ideas and so on. Dream of Pregnancy may also be a compensated dream to the reality pregnancy aspirations. Most people think that only pregnant women will dream about being pregnant or married women who want to have children. This is not true, we found that many young girls, men and even elderly people do dream about being pregnant as well.

Dream about being pregnant

The following statement comes from the Oriental dream analysis experts, this site does not agree with this view, and they are for reference only

Dream pregnancy is a good thing, people will be added, in addition also indicates increased happiness and material wealth;

Men dream of his wife being pregnant, he may be getting some unexpected wealth;

Women dream about being pregnant, her husband is about to get rich;

Women dream of men being pregnant, means that man has assumed responsibility for her life;

Men dream of pregnant women, suggesting things are going very well for the dreamer, and there will be good luck on the money;

Unmarried women dream of pregnant women, will have difficulties finding a partner, even if married, the marriage will have problems, such as a quarrels.

Young girls dream about being pregnant

When a single girl without a partner, dream that she is pregnant, this is usually a dream related to love, if the dream is a happy, warm and romantic one, it indicates that the dreamer really want a beautiful and happy love, while envying others, at the same time subconsciously thinking how nice it would be to have the same happy love relationship, the idea is then reflected in the dream, wanting to have a man to give herself a warm home, to have their own happiness, to enjoy themselves and have a woman’s happiness, the feeling of being concerned; If the dream is an upset one, it indicates that there may be an idea that is not implemented, or there is trouble appearing recently, and the dream breeds out of troubled psychology.

A girl in love dream about being pregnant

If it is a happy dream, the dreamer is probably satisfied leading a happy life in reality, a woman who is satisfied in love, will lead them to constantly think of getting married and have their own children, and thus, they have a beautiful dream; If their pregnancy is distressed, then it means that they are not satisfied with their current way of life or love, this is equivalent to an unexpected pregnancy, so the dreamer feels unexpected, and should not appear, it took the dreamer by surprise, and the dreamer can not accept it, and naturally leads to worry and stress.

Married woman dream about being pregnant

As long as the feeling in the dream is good, they are basically looking forward to have their own children. It is common especially those with fertility problems. If the dream is a fearful one, it means that the woman do not yet want to have a child, this is a very common dream, usually belongs to a family with double income.

A woman could not get pregnant, after being married for many years, and she often dreamed that she was pregnant, this dream fully reflects what happened in the day will appear in the dreams at night. This is very normal, we suggest that the dreamer to try to relax, do not be tensed otherwise, the pregnancy will be unhealthy.

Pregnant women dream of pregnancy, is obviously a dream by those who want their baby to be safe and healthy, and wants to be able to give birth to a smart and healthy lovely baby.

There are 2 types of analysis to women with children to dream about being pregnant: One is that the current family is very happy, the other is just the opposite, and is likely to be the husband being negligence to his wife, resulting in his wife wanting to return to the sweet period when they are newly married.

Men dream about being pregnant

This is a very rare dream, and even if the men really dream of themselves being pregnant, he is usually too shy to tell others. Because men will never get pregnant. Therefore, the analysis for men to dream about being pregnant is also much simpler:

  1. Men will dream of being pregnant when his wife is pregnant or plan to become pregnant during this period, they shared this feeling with their wives, and empathise with the wives.
  2. When men see pregnant women during the day, they tend to dream about being pregnant at night
  3. It suggests that the dreamer is giving birth to a new thoughts, new ideas, or new point of views. It may also represent a new psychological or spiritual experience or a new awareness of life. Or he is eager to have a new career, a happy family and so on.
  4. He could have felt some stomach problems, so the dreamer’s body induct to generate their own dreams about being pregnant.

Men dream of wife being pregnant, could be related to having a child in reality. It could also be to convey some of their desires in life.

Old people dream about being pregnant

There are two interpretations, on the one hand there is indeed a baby in reality, which may be the children of friends or relatives will be giving birth to a child; but on the other hand, it conveys some of their own desires or wishes. For example, some older women dreamed that she gave birth to a boy, and was very happy. In real life, her daughter is ready to have a child in the hospital, this dream seems to be related to her daughter giving birth, but also expressed the dreamer’s desire for the mother and child to be safe and healthy, and hope her daughter will have a smooth delivery.

A girl in cohabitation dream about being pregnant

Sometimes if a girl living together with her partner dream about being pregnant does not necessarily represents real pregnancy, the easiest is to determine with a pregnancy test strip. If she is not pregnant, but dream about being pregnant, it is a fearful dream, it means that in life you have to worry about contraception, or the fear of marriage. If you are happy in the dream, it means a better vision of marriage and she looks forward to turn this love quickly into marriage, and get more intimate and have children.

Dream about others being pregnant

The more classic dream, this shows that the dreamer is aware of the changes of the people around, it is likely that some of their demeanor or some of the ideas and views become different from before. For example, they start to mature and so on.

Deeper analysis into the dream about being pregnant

Pregnant dream symbolises that the dreamer has a huge change while growing up or self-awaken in life, but this pregnancy in the dream, is just like the “pregnancy” in real life, if not nutritious enough, it will also miscarry, so, if you dream of stillbirth or miscarriage, it is a symbol of some of your ideas being gone, and the reality of miscarriage may not necessarily be linked. Of course, this dream is a form of distress and a symbol of purification of the body, if you dream of dirty output. In addition, pregnancy is a symbol of giving new content process in life, birth is a painful process, so this process may be painful, but it is a stress-relieving process to achieve maturity, and the child born in the dream reflects the changes that occur in the dreamer’s mind.

Dreams analysis experts: Dream about being pregnant

There are several possible reasons to why you dream about being pregnant, you can make a judgement by combining the dream situation with your own real-life situation: First of all, this dream may be mapped in real life, because you dream of having children with the one you love, it is possible to analyse that due to practical reasons, it is impossible to have children at the moment, this is compensated for the dreamer’s desire, and if subconscious fear of pregnancy, fear of pregnancy can also cause this kind of dreams. If we look at this from a predictive perspective, pregnancy is an auspicious dream, it may herald a happy life, increasing material wealth, as well as the potential to perform own ability.

Summary: If you dream of pregnancy, it mostly implies the completion of a plan that went through a very long waiting time, the dreamer discover a new potential or character. It may not be because the dreamer is really pregnant in real life, but it may imply that there are many pregnancies around the dreamer.

Psychological:If you dream of a pregnant woman, it shows that the dreamer is able to see their own abilities and special characteristics.

Spirit: In spiritual nurturing activities, there will be a long period of time required, and the need to be patient, we must wait patiently to get to the end of the period.

Wedding dream meaning

Wedding dream meaning analysis

Wedding Dream Meaning: Psychology Overview

Marriage is a major event in life, it means you are going to shoulder the responsibility of the family, and is a symbol of responsibility and sense of mission, in addition to marriage it also means to grow up and mature, it is a stage of life, and a transformation in life, with extraordinary significance.

Dreaming of marriage, is usually a reflection of the marriage, love and family in reality, or a reflection from the thoughts of love. It also depends on the wedding scene in the dream. If an unmarried person have this dream, it could be out of marriage expectations, you may want to get married or it is a contradictory of not willing to get married at this moment, this is a common dream which reflects the strong desire of wanting a perfect love and the strongest voice deep down.

Sometimes in the dream, the dreamer will be married to a complete stranger or someone who is not their interests, this does not matter, as long as the dreamer feels pleasant in the wedding dream, it represents the increase in their love luck.

Wedding dream, the wedding is a ceremony of marriage, and the most sacred in life, the most beautiful and exciting moments. Wedding dream can be a symbol of pleasant and wonderful short experiences.

Wedding Dreams

Depending on the scene of the wedding in the dream, and the dreamer’s mood, regardless of whether the dreamer is married or not in reality, the dream reflects the dreamer’s attitude towards own marriage, love and life. This is typical reflection of his inner dream;

Unmarried men and women will start thinking about marriage at a certain age in life, this is an inevitable process of human development, they may be full of longing or looking forward to marriage at this stage, it may be paradoxical psychologically, the state of looking by , it may be they do not want to get married, but have received concerns from parents and relatives, and urging them to get married, and this created pressure;

When the feelings of 2 people progressed, they will enter the holy matrimony, and marriage means the end of a person’s single life, from then on, they will eat together, stay together, live together, with accommodation, with care, with laughter, but also with tears. They can no longer go on and do things on their own, they have to take care of the feelings of their loved ones, can no longer indulge in themselves, can not have too much contacts with the opposite sex, marriage is actually an addition of one person, then because of this addition, brings addition of many other things in life; Bidding farewell to the single life, marriage also represents the beginning of a new life, which is bound to face a lot of changes, lifestyle changes, as well as relatives and friends changes, changes in your interpersonal circle, all these can lead to the new understanding of a new life in love and marriage, as well as re-positioning of their roles in life;

For married men and women, the dream is their deepest desire in life, to never to have contradictory expectations of married love life, and always full of infinite good, and beautiful reverie and vision;

For most people, whether married or not, their ultimate desire is to find true love. To be together with the loved one, to be able to love forever, gain mutual understanding, mutual trust, mutual support, love one another, regardless of life pains and joys, go on forever in happiness till death.

There are many possibilities to a wedding dream, the key to the dream lies in the background and the current situation in life:

  1. It represents the strong desire to get married, or represent the desire for a happy life
  1. It represents a new life beginning, a new start in life, it could be related to self-progression
  1. It could also represent shouldering of a heavy responsibility, reflects your sense of responsibility and mission
  1. It represents a type of constraint, lose of freedom
  1. If the dreamer is in the process of preparing for own wedding in reality, then it could be due to the stress he or she is getting from this wedding.
  1. It could also represent conflicts between a couple, and the dreamer has some grumblings and complaints
  1. It could represent that the dreamer is dissatisfied and unhappy with his or her current married life in reality, indicating that his or her married life is not per what he or she has expected.
  1. It could also mean that the dreamer wants to experience the wedding atmosphere

Dream of marrying someone else

Dream of getting married, but not with their own husband or former lover, but saw her real husband in the dream, indicating that the dreamer will secretly compare the difference between her husband and former lovers sometimes, and still miss the past. But after all, a miss is still a miss, in fact, everyone has fond memories of the past in the deepest corner in their heart, and this does not matter, because everything is really in the past, and we will not have them again. So do not let it affect your current life, after all, the past is the past, seeing her husband at the wedding in the dream, shows that she still knows that she has a husband, and at most have some fond memories of the past.

Dream of getting married but did not marry in the end

Dream of getting married, but can not find the bride, unmarried men and women who have this dream, indicates that in reality, there may be some confusion for their own feelings, their own expectations of marriage, and fear of a variety of problems after marriage, it is difficult for him to accept all these problems that came out of the blue. In fact, these problems are unfounded, and even though, many people said that marriage is the grave of life, in that case why are there still so many people getting married, because there are still many happy marriages, marriage means the beginning of a new life, and a new happy life, but on the account that, two people can understand each other, trust each other,willing to share weal and woe.

Dream of having fear in marriage

Unmarried people who dreamed of being married, but is crying non-stop and did not want to get married, just like being dragged out for some torture, indicates that the dreamer recently encountered trouble, or the dreamer think more about marital problems, and does some fear in marriage deep down, not quite sure of the other, always feel that marriage cannot be taken lightly. In fact, it is largely due to the pressure being relatively large in reality, and the divorce rate with the 80’s are too high. Actually, no matter what era we are in, marriage will always be sacred and solemn, everyone goes through it, only sooner or later, because in this world, there is always a person waiting, it is only temporary that fate has yet to come, no matter what time, no matter where you are, anyway, there is always such a person.

Everlasting love lives in your hearts, a lot of people often ask if there are true love in this world, when in fact, true love are in their hearts, as long as they are sincere, persistent pursuit of the brave sacrifice, love will be in their own heart, everlasting love will come, as we all know, love is a selfless giving and sacrifice, love in return is always the other side of joy and happiness, if you love each other in your own will, you will gain happiness and joy, because the your partner is happy and filled with happiness; Whether it is the passion before marriage or in ordinary married life, as long as two people make efforts to work towards the happiness of life, then everlasting love will come. In fact, it is not that they got everlasting love, but they have created everlasting love, we must believe: “As long as there is love, happiness will certainly exist”.

Dream of teeth falling out

Dream of teeth falling out – Freudian

Freud believed that tooth loss is a symbol of being castrated.

Everyone knows that men have the “castration complex”. A boy dreamed of teeth falling out, suggests that he is afraid of being castrated, and this fear is related to the potential hostility between him and his father. We can admit that falling of teeth can mean castration at times, but castration itself, has another deeper layer of meaning, which is, “lost masculinity“.

We can often find such a case: A harsh authoritarian father is over repressing his son. If the son is overly weak, then he will suppressed by his father’s authority and become honest, very submissive and very timid. This son may not be castrated physically, but emotionally, he has lost his masculinity and is being castrated psychologically. If boys met such situations, they will usually dream of themselves being castrated, or a more subtle way, dream of teeth falling out. This contains the hostility towards the father or we can even say fear of his father.

If a girl dream of teeth falling out, does this mean that the girl is castrated too? That’s right, Freud believed that the “castration complex” in girls are mainly “penis envy” symptom, and they wish to have masculinity and a penis. In modern society, Freud’s view is a bit too chauvinist, but he is true on the fact that within the females, there are those yearning for masculine side.

If we link this to the role of the women, and they are not satisfied with their own performance as a lady, this dream indicates that the dreamer hopes to diminish or remove her masculine side. It could be that she thinks this masculine side of hers is giving her problems in her relationships or career. In our speculation above, it could also mean that she has a very strong character and not gentle and innocent. This type of girls do not usually receive help from their male counterparts and recognition.

Also refer to interpretation on Dream about teeth falling out by Tulipa Xanadu Experts

Dream about teeth falling out

Dream about teeth falling out

Dream psychology overview – Dream about teeth falling out

People may lose their teeth for 2 typical reasons, that is gradually aging and growth development. There are also 2 meanings to dream about teeth falling out, and they are: First, the sorrow of aging, because teeth usually fall for older people due to their weaker gums, no matter how old the dreamer is, as long as there is a feeling of aging or old-fashioned, he/she is likely to have this dream about teeth falling out. Second, the joy of growing up. Due to the loss of baby teeth to make way for new teeth, when children grow up. Similarly, as long as the dreamer feels he/she is growing and abandoning the old and welcoming the new, they might also dream about teeth falling out or other related.

1. It purely represents that the tooth itself is a problem

The major source of dreams is physical stimulation, therefore, the meanings of some of the dreams are direct responses to physiological conditions. For example, a lot of people might have finding toilets related dreams, and most of them go directly to the bathroom after waking up, in fact this is a dream that is caused by the bladder holding of urine. Therefore, dream about teeth falling out may also be due to purely physiological factors, resulting from cavities or dental lesions. In fact, if you feel a faint toothache or gums, having dream about teeth falling out is not surprising at all. It could be a reminder that you should go and see a dentist to check that there are no cavities or other dental problems.

2. A symbol of psychological regression or growth

There are 2 main reasons to why people may lose their teeth, that is gradually aging and growing up, thus, there are also 2 meanings to dream about teeth falling out, and they are: First, the sorrow of aging, because teeth usually fall for older people due to their weaker gums, no matter how old the dreamer is, as long as there is a feeling of aging or old-fashioned, he/she is likely to have this dream about teeth falling out. Second, the joy of growing up. Due to the loss of baby teeth to make way for new teeth, when children grow up. Similarly, as long as the dreamer feels he/she is growing and abandoning the old and welcoming the new, they might also dream about teeth falling out or other related.

3. The original firm belief may be shaken

Teeth are our strongest parts of the human body, so it is also a representative of something strong and firm. For us, psychologically what is the things that is sturdy and firm and are linked to it? The answers are, beliefs, traditions, values and world view. Therefore, to dream about teeth falling out also symbolizes our original belief system may be shaken.

4. There words that are suppressed inside the heart and the things that are kept in the heart

Teeth generally represent “words that are suppressed inside the heart and the things that are kept in the heart”. For teeth falling out, we have to look at the source of the feeling, it often stems from others’ attitudes toward the dreamer. To dream about teeth falling out is to say the words unsaid, it is likely that this other person have something in mind to tell you, but dare not say. There must be something important inside their hearts that they think they should tell you.

5. Problems in human relationships

Teeth grow inside the mouth, and as the saying goes, “have a ready tongue” is used to describe when in human interaction, so a person’s teeth are and have great interpersonal contact, so to dream about teeth falling out or having loose teeth, you probably will quarrel with people, or you are in trouble with some relationships which made you lost your tongue, or troubled that you are always tongue tied in some situations.

6. Symbolizing want to lose weight

Teeth have the biggest function and that is to chew food and having teeth falling out, its subtext is not able to chew food, and why should a person refuses to chew or reject food? We know that obesity and eating have a close relationship, and having the teeth falling out, would certainly mean not being able to eat, and this will naturally cause a lost in weight. So to dream about teeth falling out, can also be a symbol that the dreamers, themselves felt they are too fat, and want to lose weight.

7. A symbol of patience and decisive

Dream about teeth falling out can also means patience. As the saying goes, “the knocked out teeth, went down the throat, into the stomach”; Represents a lost in the decision making of actions, as teeth can also mean decisive.

8. Represents a loss of face or damage of self-image

Dream about teeth falling out can also means “loss of face” or “damage of self-image” because with the teeth falling out, the face’s appearance is affected. Teeth falling out can also means imprudent of speech, because of the missing teeth comes out from the mouth, and they are of similar words in Chinese.

9. Represents health issues in elderly family members

In the ancient book, it is clearly stated that “teeth falling out” is related to “having a funeral at home”. Thus, to dream about your teeth falling out is definitely a bad luck omen. It suggests that the elderly members in the family may have some health issues, and could even be that the elderly family member is going to pass away. Sometimes, teeth falling out and elderly family member passing away can appear one after the other, and why is this so? Because, when human feels that an elderly member of the family is going to pass away, their subconscious will use falling out of teeth as a hint to people to inform them. As teeth are the exposed bone tissue of the human body, teeth falling out represents “family separation”. It is recommended to pay special attention to the health of elderly family members, sometimes, even a call of care could avert this bad luck. This interpretation is more widespread and there should be a sense of its existence. It is a reminder to everyone to take care and pay attention to the health of family members.

Meaning of dream about teeth falling out from the original Dream Dictionary

Dream about teeth falling out, suggests that there may be health problems for the parents or other accidents.

Dream about growing of new teeth, suggests that the descendants career and life will be prosperous.

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