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Ox Zodiac

Ox 2018

After a bullish year 2017, Ox will continue to yield positive results in 2018 to come. Expecting opportunities and you will continue to reap what you have sowed. Just like how business expansion works and is now continuing generating profits after profits. For those who missed out, you still have the time to make it up quickly. Settle yourself down in the hustling market and start taking profits.


Ox tends to move steadily and perseveres in what he/she is doing. You continue to reap from your hard work and efforts. You are being rewarded for your efforts. However workload tends to increase more with higher responsibilities on your shoulders now, but you can manage with it well. You can expect more support from peers and subordinates. Work well and build rapport with them. They will help you to take some load off your shoulders. People in the service industry will find yourself having better rapport with your customers, thus bringing you more businesses.


In the year 2018, Ox will find themselves very busy. Remember to keep a proper diet and not to skip meals and reduce intake of junk food. Consume more fluids to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Spend some time to relax and unwind some stress as you keep pushing forward.


Things are stabilizing and rewards from 2017 spills over year 2018. Keep the momentum going on and continue working, for you will expect great abundance very soon. For those who have investments, they [investments] will continue generating profits. You may consider reinvesting the profits and expand your portfolios. For people who invest in lotteries can consider setting aside part of the winnings. You can buy little treats for yourself and/or for your love ones, but refrain from splurging on unnecessary stuffs or non-essential stuffs that will lead you into a financial burden.

end of year 2017

3 zodiac signs with good fortune in end of year 2017

We have come to the end of year 2017 and congratulate to the below 3 Chinese zodiac signs that will have constant happy events and news from now till end of year 2017.

Ox zodiac


People born in the year of Ox will have their luck star smiling at them at the end of year 2017. There will be a lot of help and opportunities offered by others. Ox people are hardworking and brave, and always have a firm goal and are confidence, and this year end, is their harvest. Their work will be appreciated, and there will be high-level promotion.

Dragon zodiac


People born in the year of Dragon are kind and compassionate, and they enjoy making new friends. Whenever, they are in need of help, they will be able to get it from others and turn the table around, and this attracts the envy of others. This year end 2017, people born in the year of Dragon, will have good luck in wealth and money. There will be an opportunity of huge amount of money coming in from external sources. For those who have the habit of investing, you can consider increasing the amount and expect a happy reward.

Snake Chinese Zodiac


People born in the year of snake are born with good luck. They are always able to overcome challenges smoothly. This year end of 2017, they will be able to earn as much as possible, and not only are they going to be overwhelmed with material gains, they will also be able to take out a portion of money for charity to accumulate more merits for their good luck. If they are able to grasp the right opportunity, they will be able to have the last laugh.

Money and Love Luck 2017

Zodiac Signs with double harvest in Money and Love Luck 2017

Note: The below content on Chinese Zodiac is collected from the internet, we may not agree with the content and this is for reference only. For a more accurate and personalized reading, we encourage you to look at your own Bazi or get our Bazi Analysis Report

With the coming of a new year, every will have a change in their luck. In the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs, the below listed will have double harvest in their Money and Love luck this coming 2017, and they will be the envy of others.

Ox zodiac

Ox Chinese Zodiac

People who are born in the year of the Ox Chinese Zodiac sign are serious and responsible. They are always able to achieve success through their hard work but, they are also those who have to work very hard to gain a little. In the coming year 2017, the year of Rooster Chinese Zodiac sign, Ox and Rooster Chinese Zodiac have the relationship of the “3 combination of nobility”, and therefore, this year will be a year of celebration for the Ox people, especially in Money and Love luck. They will have smooth sailing year in their career, and have their ability stand out and thus, will be able to get that pay raise and promotion that they wanted. They will also have a lot of opportunities to gain money. In love, Ox people will be able to get a sweet relationships and good news will come endlessly.

Dragon zodiac

Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Docile and fair Dragon people will be on the top Good luck chart this 2017. As Dragon and Rooster have a relationship of the “6 combination”, their overall luck will be at the best, both money and love luck will increase dramatically. At work, they will be especially lucky and will be able to handle any tasks easily. In addition with the help of people, they will be able to efficiently complete their tasks to perfection. In love, they will be able to find their life partner and even walk down the wedding aisle. They will have all kinds of good events happening and have double harvest in both money and love luck.

Snake Chinese Zodiac

Snake Chinese Zodiac

Snake woman has a flexible mind and super adaptability skills. They are detailed and it is easy to win at the starting line. In 2017, the snake and the “Tai Sui” will form a pattern, because the snake as fire element, will unite with the Rooster for gold. Therefore, good luck will be overflowing next year. Whether a snake man or a snake woman, they will be hit with great help and support. The Treasury will be opened for them and they will have money rolling in. In love, they will have good news constantly, and will be the envy of others.

Ox Zodiac

Tips to improve luck for Ox zodiac

For people born in the year of Ox Zodiac, whether it is working with others, selecting a marriage partner, or lover and other circumstances, apart from own efforts, Feng Shui also plays an important part. Below we look at the must know Feng Shui knowledge to help improve the luck of Ox Zodiac.

Direct Wealth corner: North

Indirect Wealth Corner: North West

Tips: Direct Wealth is the legitimate income of money, such as wages, bonuses, etc; Indirect Wealth is illegitimate income of money from sidelines, such as stocks, lottery, competitive profit.

The support of the six-combination: Rat Zodiac

The support of the full-combination: Snake Zodiac and Rooster Zodiac

Tips: If you want career development, you must cooperate more with your support from the full-combination.

Best marriage match: Rat Zodiac, Snake Zodiac, Rooster Zodiac

Unfavourable marriage match: Horse Zodiac and Goat Zodiac

Tips: A happy and blissful marriage is built on mutual trusts, respects and understanding

“Peach Blossom” Love corner: South

Tips: Friends who are single can try meeting your lover at this area

Wisdom corner: West

Tips: With a good layout, it will have miraculous results on the academic of students and career of “fighters”

The above are generic tips for the 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac signs, it is best recommended for you to follow your best directions for different usage through your Bazi (Birth Chart). To know your personal lucky directions, get your personal Life Analysis, Wealth luck or Love luck report at Tulipa Xanadu today!

Chinese Zodiac Ox

Best career for Chinese Zodiac Ox

People born in the year of Chinese Zodiac Ox are always not very interested in academic, but they put in more efforts to application-oriented skills, from dealing with people and talking to people, are both the strengths of Ox people, this advantage should be applied to the current hottest sales sectors.

The relationship between the Ox and Human is very close, especially in agricultural community, Ox is the most capable assistant to human, if it was not for the Ox’s help, the human society may not have progressed so quickly. The movement of Ox is slow, but with perseverance and hard work, people born in the year of the ox have these features, no matter what anyone says, or how much hardships they are enduring, they would still carefully take it step by step and doing it at their own pace, and ultimately complete the task. As they have been slowly taking into account before action, sometimes for a long time, will make others think they are too slow, but once they started to action, they will not even show that they are breathing and tired, until the task is complete.

The most suitable industry for people born in the year of Chinese Zodiac Ox: Sales

Ox people are always not very interested in academic, but they put in more efforts to application-oriented skills, from dealing with people and talking to people, are both the strengths of Ox people, this advantage should be applied to the current hottest sales sectors.

If Ox people did not understand the sales industry and are skeptical, they will end up slowly understand the sales field and return to the sales industry, some things are meant to be, and like restrained by the rule, you will not get away from this circle of sales.

Once Ox people step into the sales industry, they will make their way to earn big bucks fast. Ox people have the ability to talk through things, and can convince others who are smart to become silly, the ability to selling things successfully are definitely not something they are not able to do, and many others are jealous of this ability of the Ox people.

The above are generic tips for the 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac signs, it is best recommended for you to follow your Bazi (Birth Chart) to get the best career. To know your personal career compatibility, get your personal Career Analysis report at Tulipa Xanadu today!

career success

Which zodiac signs will gain career success easily in 2016?

With every changes in the years, our careers are subject to varying degrees of influence, so which are the Chinese Zodiac signs that will gain career success easily in the year of Monkey, 2016?

Horse Chinese Zodiac

Horse Chinese Zodiac

In the year 2016, although luck is not the best for Horse people, but it still hides some good opportunities to get ahead. Horse people are able to seize the opportunity to contribute to their leap to success, so in the year 2016, Horse people may also have good opportunities for career development, and will greatly improve their status.

Rat Chinese Zodiac

Rat Chinese Zodiac

Year 2016 to Rat people is a year of career advancement and accumulating of wealth. Rat people are always being looked down upon by others, but they are not depressed, instead they will put in more efforts to live up to expectations. In this 2016 year of the monkey, there is a full combination with Rats, and this means that success is within reach.

Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Dragon Chinese Zodiac

In the year of 2016, Dragon people have the care from TaiShui, and all things will be smooth sailing, at the same time, Dragon people are already well trained in identifying opportunities and seizing opportunities. In year 2016, Dragon people may co-operate with others to get big orders, or may also have the opportunities to do things alone, which makes him stand out.

Ox Chinese Zodiac

Ox Chinese Zodiac

Ox people have worked hard for so many years, they are likely to emerge in the year 2016. Ox people have the ability to take responsibilities of important tasks, and can also afford some praises. In this year 2016, they will get good career luck, and get unexpected help easily, and have the chances to be above others.

Ox Chinese Zodiac

Ox Chinese Zodiac special character traits analysis

Ox Chinese Zodiac, is the second sign in Chinese Zodiac. People who are born in the year of Ox, are also Chou earth. They are careful in work and down to earth, patient, and willing to make progress. Good natured and honest are their natural traits. They emphasis on work and family, and respect conservatives traditions.

The main strengths of Ox Chinese Zodiac character

  1. Hardworking, and a strong ambition to progress.
  2. Honest, pragmatic, responsible, endurance;
  3. A sense of justice and love to defend against an injustice
  4. Frugal and stable

The main weaknesses of Ox Chinese Zodiac character

Somewhat intransigent, lack of accommodation; waste time on an insoluble or insignificant problem, subjective arbitrariness.

Detailed character description of those born in the year of Ox Chinese Zodiac

From the effect of time on birth of people born in the year of Ox Chinese Zodiac, those born in the day are more proactive and competitive than those born in the night. Similarly, those born in the summer are richer and have an easier life than those born in the winter.

The nature of this Ox Chinese Zodiac is down to earth, and never emotional. Feelings alone can rarely change an Ox’s opinion. If people seek the opinions of the Ox people on some matters, Ox people will always support the solutions that are reliable and have an accurate grasp of the situation. If people want to win a lawsuit against the Ox people, they need to take full advantage of patience and wisdom. Ox people are of good physique, and not prone to get sick. Ox people are very confident, no compromise, and have contempt for other people’s weakness. If Ox people can pay more attention to cultivate more humor and passion, their life will be happier.

Those born in the year of Ox Chinese Zodiac are trustworthy, gentle and graceful, and always seem orderly.

As those born in the year of Ox Chinese Zodiac are stable and reliable, you will gain the trust of people who have authority and leaders. Where there is responsibility, there is someone who is born in the year of Ox Chinese Zodiac. At the same time, those born in the year of Ox, have natural leadership skills, they are very good at disciplining others, and can be harsh. Those born in the year of Ox are most likely to be self-reliance in order to succeed. You insist that everyone should fulfill their own duties and not create obstacles for others. The weaknesses of Ox people are that, they act according to convention, calculative, and unapproachable. Though rigid, they are still fair, and able to listen to their views. But to change the views of the Ox people, is a very difficult task, as they are stubborn and sometimes even bias. Ox people are not tactful, do not know how to care for others and often show a military demeanor. This makes Ox people unsuitable to take on roles related to public relations, diplomacy, and fine detailed work. However, the honesty, unpretentious and principled Ox are well respected and loved. Ox people gain loyal subordinate as there is nothing the Ox people cannot do.

Ox Chinese Zodiac represents success through hard work. Ox people are patient and tireless workers, they do not like to take shortcuts. Ox people are quiet and have very strong moral values and dignity. They are unwilling to use unfair means to achieve success. Ox people are self reliance, and do not like to engage the help of others. This make others have no choice but to plead with them to accept their services. Some people will judge unfairly that Ox people lack imagination, and in reality, the indomitable character and a strong logical mind is masked by a simple and neat appearance. Their cleverness and smart are overshadowed by their quiet and reserved nature. Despite Ox people being introverts, you have the power to turn into an eloquent and powerful speaker when opportunity knocks. In times of chaos, the undaunted, defying any intimidation and confidence nature of Ox people will help restore order. But, you should always remind yourself to not get too carried away by success.

People who are born in the year of Ox are methodical, Ox people adhere to a fixed pattern and respect traditional values. They always follow the expectations of others, and as a result, others can predict the next action of the Ox. Meticulous Ox people knows that in order to remain invincible, they have to do things step by step. Ox people do not have haphazard mind, you will not find Ox people rely on luck or dawdle. People who are born in the year of other animal Chinese Zodiac signs may rely on temporary opportunities and guidance of others to accomplish things, but Ox people depends solely on tenacious will and dedication. Ox people are man of honor, they will never retract their words or break any promises. Ox people are indifferent to the secular bias, they will dedicate themselves till the completion of work, and will do not like to give up halfway. Ox people have amazing patience and tolerance level, but once they lose their temper, terrible things will happen, and need to be dealt with seriously. At this moment, Ox people will be irrational, and will become bull-like and attack whoever blocks their way. The only solution to this, is to avoid Ox people during this time, and let them take their time to cool and calm down. Unless the issue is intolerable to Ox people, else they will not go to war.

Practice what you preach is the principle of Ox people. The success of Ox people is entirely the return of their own hard work. In short, strong and disciplined Ox people do not like to live a wanton and unrestrained life. Ox people do not like to be in debts. The arrears you pay will be accurate to the last decimal place and of course, the same is expected of others. If Ox people owe others anything and did not show gratefulness clearly, you will never forgive yourself for that. Others will not get a superfluous thank you speech and empty words from the Ox people, as beautiful words and excessive flattery makes Ox people feels uncomfortable and undermine their dignity.

Ox people use their naive thinking to understand the secrets of others, this makes it difficult for them to understand the feelings of others and rarely use temptations to get love. It is rare to hear Ox people serenading and using poetic words, even the gifts they receive and give, are durable and realistic. As Ox people are traditional and conventional people, the courtships of Ox males and females are usually very long. Your relationship will only be announced to public after a long period of progress, and you will only show your true feelings to each other after the relationship has gone official. Males who are born in the year of Ox Chinese Zodiac sign may be orderly and forbearance, but when they are courting a pretty girl, they fumble clumsily. If you are married to Ox people, you can trust them completely, as they will never disappoint others and be faithful with his/her life. Wife of Ox men, do not have to worry about house rental or bills, as Ox men, although, they will not buy a lot of golds and silvers for the wife, they will ensure that life is comfortable and they never need the help from others.

Other than those mentioned above, the discontent of Ox people are built up slowly. Ox people have very good and precise memories, if others have hurt you, you will remember every details. In the face of adversity, Tiger, Rooster, and Rat Chinese Zodiac people will have intense complaints, while Goat and Rabbit Chinese Zodiac will sulk and become melancholy. Ox people on the contrary, will choose to work hard to alleviate the suffering and tension. If they had a failure in love, they will work hard and focus on their work, and will choose to remain single to prevent getting into “danger” again.

If someone is lucky enough to marry a girl born in the year of Ox Chinese Zodiac, he will definitely feel that he has found a serious and proper lady. She will be like a mother, put starch in his shirts, and everyday without fail, ensure that newspaper is folded neatly on the breakfast table; cooked a tasty soft-boiled egg, even the morning kiss is like a responsibility. But if the husband dislike these, the these actions should be filtered. She is neat and punctual. In marriage, she will always ensure that her husband has clean clothing, and will never let him wear socks with holes, she will also not let her family eat burnt charred food — She will be an ideal wife. Their checkbook will always be balanced, and will never overspend on joint accounts. The things she will do will always exceed the things that she has to do.

Ox men are self-contained. They will carefully and sincerely complete things. The persistent and unwavering genes of Ox men will be passed on their descendants, even if they are not of the same Ox Chinese Zodiac. As the father of the family, Ox men are always arrogant and arbitrary, once they set the rules, they will not allow anyone to object against it. At home, his words are law, and of course, he knows how to command and ensure others follow. He hopes that others will adhere to his instructions strictly. Ox people tends to link family, work and national interests together, and likes long-term and stable investments. Due to the serious nature, Ox people are not gamblers, risks will irritate Ox people, because these factors will threaten their security. Ox people have a materialist point of view. Although, Ox men are very fond of his family, and even proud of his family, he has very high expectations of his family. Ox people always use achievements and success to measure his love for his family. Although Ox people are not easily moved by emotions, they will still sacrifice to contribute to family’s welfare and recreation. In case of key issues, Ox people are firm on their principles.

Ox people are rare talents at home and at work. Ox people will not feel any danger as they are subject to care in their life. Reasons tell the Ox that a highly valued person do not need to protect themselves.

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