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Rat Zodiac

Rat 2018

The journey in year 2017 was a roller-coaster ride for the Rat. It has taken a deep-dive from its year 2016 high. To a great comfort, the ride into year 2018 is expecting to be smooth and steady. If you have gone for operation, this is the year for you to recover and restore your health back.


After a major setback from career, you will slowly coming back into shape. You tend to want to do more after seeing positive results. You will see more business contracts being signed off and you getting busier executing them. You will definitely face some stress over these, but stay focused because you are going in a right direction. For those who are exploring opportunities in the job market, you will tend to see more opportunities out there, so go for it, push yourself harder and you will achieve it.


You are recovering and you will see your health getting back into shape this year. You will prefer being more stationary status or staying indoors, rather than a heavy workout or traveling far. Do take note what you are consuming and avoid spicy food that will make your stomach uncomfortable. Likewise, cold drinks and raw cold food should be reduced. Other than these, overall your health should be doing fine this year.


Since you prefer more indoor activities, you will be able to see your wealth accumulating this year. If you have incurred any monetary losses last year, you will see that these losses will be cleared off this year. You will see opportunity to gain monetary return such like a better pay increment or bonuses, but expecting a moderate gain.

December 2016

3 Zodiac Signs with Best Career Luck this December 2016

Note: The below content on Chinese Zodiac is collected from the internet, we may not agree with the content and this is for reference only. For a more accurate and personalized reading, we encourage you to look at your own Bazi or get our Bazi Analysis Report

In order to achieve fame and fortune, a person must have a good career development path. Find out which are the 3 Chinese zodiac signs that will have a great career development this December 2016!

Rat zodiac

Rat Chinese Zodiac Sign

After December 7, the general luck for people born in the year of Rat Chinese zodiac sign are relatively smooth, especially in the career aspects. It is easy to make progress at work and the future is bright. There is great opportunity to increase their performance and showcase their talents. They will be clear headed and can easily complete the most difficult tasks. Being satisfied with their work, Rat people will feel great and become more efficient. This will also earn them customers’ trusts and recognition.

Dragon zodiac

Dragon Chinese Zodiac Sign

People born in the year of Dragon Chinese Zodiac sign will encounter the “three noble combination” in December. This means that they will have all their wishes coming true, and have a smooth sailing path to success. They would be able to get the guidance and help of great people, and will be working on the right track, with relatively increased opportunities to make money and to break through the bottleneck. They will only require little effort to seize the opportunity to soar, and get that fame and fortune.

Snake Chinese Zodiac

Snake Chinese Zodiac Sign

Into December, people who are born in the year of Snake Chinese Zodiac sign will enter the great financial and career luck. It is easy for them to stand out and everything in pursuit of perfection. Snake people will have excellent interpersonal relationships, and their work can also be carried out smoothly without any obstacles. They can also resolve difficulties calmly, and if coupled with a powerful support, their luck will become even more powerful. All in all, December is the month of prosperity for the Snake people, and the future is bright.

chinese zodiac rat

Best career for Chinese Zodiac Rat

Finance is a hot topic right now, financial problems should not be neglected from the financial and economic situation in the country to small and large enterprises. Rat people are patience and careful, practical and reliable, and most importantly, they are timid and are most suitable for this field of finance.

There is fate between Rodents and human, where there are people, there will be rats, more so in the agricultural community, rats often eat human food, they have the food reillience to eat anything that is edible, therefore, they can survive anywhere. Rat people also have this feature, they are cheerful, and have optimistic personality, and they can fit in any environment, they are not calculative and let things be, and therefore, they are less glum. They have the ability to go with the flow in life, and give good feelings to others, and so they are able to get help.

The most suitable industry for people born in the year of Chinese Zodiac Rat: Financial

Finance is a hot topic right now, financial problems should not be neglected from the financial and economic situation in the country to small and large enterprises. Rat people are patience and careful, practical and reliable, and most importantly, they are not daring and are most suitable for this field of finance.

Why do we emphasise the importance of timid for the financial industry? This is because people with courage working in this financial industry will tend to have economic problems, but a timid man is flexible and can go with the flow, therefore, can be the perfect breakthrough of the inherent limitations of the industry.

So if you are born in the year of Chinese Zodiac Rat, consider carefully whether or not you like the financial industry, saving people and the country is the dream of many people, to be able to be at the top of the financial industry, is a rather powerful chance and luck.

The above are generic tips for the 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac signs, it is best recommended for you to follow your Bazi (Birth Chart) to get the best career. To know your personal career compatibility, get your personal Career Analysis report at Tulipa Xanadu today!

Rat Zodiac

Tips to improve luck for Rat zodiac

What are the circumstances for the Rat Zodiac when working with others, selecting a marriage partner, or lover? Apart from their own efforts, Feng Shui is also an important factor. Now we look at the Rat Zodiac lucky Feng Shui below:

Direct Wealth corner: South-East area

Indirect Wealth Corner: South area

Tips: Direct Wealth is the legitimate income of money, such as wages, bonuses, etc; Indirect Wealth is illegitimate income of money from sidelines, such as stocks, lottery, competitive profit.

The support of the six-combination: Ox Zodiac

The support of the full-combination: Monkey Zodiac and Dragon Zodiac

Tips: If you want career development, you must cooperate more with your support from the full-combination.

Best marriage match: Ox Zodiac, Monkey Zodiac, Dragon Zodiac

Unfavourable marriage match: Horse Zodiac and Goat Zodiac

Tips: A happy and blissful marriage is built on mutual trusts, respects and understanding

“Peach Blossom” Love corner: West area

Tips: Friends who are single can try meeting your lover at this area

Wisdom corner: East area

Tips: With a good layout, it will have miraculous results on the academic of students and career of “fighters”

The above are generic tips for the 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac signs, it is best recommended for you to follow your best directions for different usage through your Bazi (Birth Chart). To know your personal lucky directions, get your personal Life Analysis, Wealth luck or Love luck report at Tulipa Xanadu today!

career success

Which zodiac signs will gain career success easily in 2016?

With every changes in the years, our careers are subject to varying degrees of influence, so which are the Chinese Zodiac signs that will gain career success easily in the year of Monkey, 2016?

Horse Chinese Zodiac

Horse Chinese Zodiac

In the year 2016, although luck is not the best for Horse people, but it still hides some good opportunities to get ahead. Horse people are able to seize the opportunity to contribute to their leap to success, so in the year 2016, Horse people may also have good opportunities for career development, and will greatly improve their status.

Rat Chinese Zodiac

Rat Chinese Zodiac

Year 2016 to Rat people is a year of career advancement and accumulating of wealth. Rat people are always being looked down upon by others, but they are not depressed, instead they will put in more efforts to live up to expectations. In this 2016 year of the monkey, there is a full combination with Rats, and this means that success is within reach.

Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Dragon Chinese Zodiac

In the year of 2016, Dragon people have the care from TaiShui, and all things will be smooth sailing, at the same time, Dragon people are already well trained in identifying opportunities and seizing opportunities. In year 2016, Dragon people may co-operate with others to get big orders, or may also have the opportunities to do things alone, which makes him stand out.

Ox Chinese Zodiac

Ox Chinese Zodiac

Ox people have worked hard for so many years, they are likely to emerge in the year 2016. Ox people have the ability to take responsibilities of important tasks, and can also afford some praises. In this year 2016, they will get good career luck, and get unexpected help easily, and have the chances to be above others.

Marriage horoscope

Marriage horoscope: Who will walk down the aisle in 2016

Are you envious of the friends and classmates who are in pairs around you? Are you eager to find your other half? Let us find out together, which are the Chinese animal zodiac signs most likely
to walk down the wedding aisle in year of Monkey 2016.

Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Under the influence of time, and in 2016, the relationships of Dragon people will be smooth sailing, and those who want to achieve a happy marriage will be easy. The dating partners of the Dragon people, will have a wide age difference with the Dragon people, they are more authoritative than the Dragon people, and Dragon people find it hard to resist the charms of their partners. And because the partner is not young, they will naturally want to get married or to determine relationships, so in year 2016 we do not rule out the possibility of sudden marriage for Dragon people.

Rooster Chinese Zodiac

Rooster Chinese Zodiac

In year 2016, Rooster people would want to start a family, and especially in the spring and summer, there is higher chances of a Rooster marriage. Rooster people think that they are getting too old, and are looking for someone to take care of themselves and establish their own happy family. Therefore, Rooster would start to discuss wedding plans with their partners or looking for a partner, with marriage intention. 2016 is a key year for Rooster people, so don’t miss it.

Rat Chinese Zodiac

Rat Chinese Zodiac

2016 is the marriage year for Rat people, it is the year to meet a lot of potential partners, and even marriage, it is a very favourable year for single people born in the year of Rat. Rat people are particularly exposed to partners who will blow their minds, the other party will also date Rat people with marriage in mind, and this will let Rat people be at ease. When Rat people are in love, they will usually start thinking of getting married, whether it is the Rat who propose or being proposed at, it will be a success.

Goat Chinese Zodiac

Goat Chinese Zodiac

2016 is the marriage year for Goat people and also the moments of love, due to having too many choices in love and marriage, it is quite a bit of overwhelming for Goat people, and they do not know how to choose properly. Goat people will also have higher chances to meet potential marriage partners, and of course have the opportunity to marry, which will make them lost and cause them to worry about love. For Goat people who already have a partner, keep your commitment in year 2016 and be strong in your heart, and reject extra affairs, so as not to damage the original happy love relationship.

The above are generic tips for the 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac signs, it is best recommended for you to follow your Bazi (Birth Chart) to get your Marriage horoscope. To know your personal Love match and when is your chance to walk down the wedding aisle, get your personal Love Luck Analysis report at Tulipa Xanadu today!

Rat Chinese Zodiac

Rat Chinese Zodiac special character traits analysis

The first Chinese zodiac, the rat, who is a child of water, very thrifty, love to store things, likes collection, hardworking, proactive in progression, hard as iron will, a keen intuition, ability to predict danger, will manage money carefully, good wealth luck.

The main strengths of Rat Chinese Zodiac character

  1. Positive work attitude, hard working, deft hands and feet, witty mind.
  2. Treat people kindly, self-restraining, able to think for others.
  3. Adaptable, good in making friends in all aspects.
  4. Sentimental, a little introverted personality, acts lively and warm.
  5. Detailed observation, methodical way of thinking.

The main weaknesses of Rat Chinese Zodiac character

  1. A little timid, suspicious and conservative
  2. Significant short-sighted in issues, lack of in-depth knowledge

Detailed character description of those born in the year of Rat Chinese Zodiac

The time of birth has a great influence on the lifestyle of those born in the year of Rat Chinese zodiac. Rat people (those who are born in the year of Rat) who are born in the evening appear to be more enthusiastic than those who are born during the day, the former tends to get more excited easily.

The nature of rats causes Rat people to be all-pervasive about everything. They can keep their own secrets very well, but have the specialty to snoop out others’ secrets.

Rat people loves to collect dark secrets of others and gets enjoyment out of using the secrets they collected against others as well as finding loopholes of others. They are able to get others to fail, without causing a guilt in their conscience.

In short, the Rat would not miss any opportunity to inquire about others. Rat people are nosy by nature, but they are usually out with good intentions .

Since Rat people always hide their true feelings, so when someone found them become irritable, rude or reckless, this is when they know that the Rat people are truly upset. And of course, Rat people are extremely nagging.

Rat people are positive and hard-working, they are usually angered when others are mainly lazy and wasteful.

The negative side of Rat people are that they love to gossips and nag, love to criticize others, look for trouble and bargain. Rat people often buy things they do not really need, and they always get cheated in the the process of bargaining. Perhaps this is the case of accumulation desire at play, The souvenirs in your room could hide the sad past in your heart.

People born in the year of Rat Chinese Zodiac, will be successful in whatever you do, because like your sign in the Zodiac, you have the ability to adjust to changing circumstances. Rat people can overcome difficulties calmly and able to face the music, until they finally achieve their goals. Since the rat people are calm and alert, you have a keen sensitive intuition and vision to do business. Disaster can only make the Rat looks more superior in wisdom. You are always busy formulating your own plans.

Rat people have a good memory, loves to ask questions and are discerning. You can almost understand everyone around and everything, and note them down, as this is your hobby. Thus, it is not surprising that Rat people usually become very good writers.

Those Who care about you need not worry for your safety, as before a Rat person do anything, they have already thought of good escape route. In the event of any failure, the Rat will withdraw quickly and in a timely manner. The protective instinct in the minds of the Rat people is a first priority. You usually minimise risk, and if people want to get rid of the trouble as soon as possible, the best way is to follow the Rat people’s approach. Because Rat people seems to carry a hidden alarm inside them and they have good defensive means that rarely malfunction.

Being ambitious is the Rat’s stumbling block to advance and progress as they want to do a lot of things at once, resulting in being distracted and nothing can be done. If the Rat can avoid this weakness, they can make unremitting efforts to complete the Rat human cause, and eventually become rich.

Although the Rat people have innate ability to predict danger and stop before they fall, but as they never miss the opportunity to bargain and do a “good deal”, and are often difficult to accurately make a prompt decision, it made them fall into the trap. As the saying goes, “Do not make the same mistake after lesson learnt”, For the Rat, they would have to lose a huge amount of money before they realise greed causes more harm than good. However, to find a Rat who is a destitute is very unlikely. If you can find them, then we can bet that the resourceful Rat will not go long in poverty. Otherwise, the person will not be a Rat. If the Rat can overcome greed, learn to be patient and knows to give, then they will sail smoothly in their life.

The charm of the Rat people are akin to Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse, who gained universal love and understanding. On the surface, the Rat may behave quietly, but it is not the case. Rat people are very easily excited, but they can control themselves. This is why the Rat is so popular and has many friends.

Rat people may be very frank and very honest, but your friendly behavior tends to make others feel stiff. Rat personality is usually cheerful, happy and sociable. Occasionally, you may come across a Rat person who loves to criticise, whiny and picky.

Rat people love to form cliques, they get a sense of security with many people around them. They never worry about having an additional mouth to feed at home, and they love having relatives and friends to stay over. Why? This is because the cunning Rat will always find a little something for people to do in exchange for food and clothing. Lazy people or beggars, and those who love to take advantage of people will find themselves kept busy in the house of the Rat.

Sometimes, the Rat who will take partisan and efforts to join the exclusive group. By habit, one can always find a Rat in a close circle of friends. Rat people like to participate in all things and appear to be very friendly.

Rat people really treasure relationship with friends and family, sometimes people will find the Rat will have difficulty to get rid of a strong emotional attachment within a relationship. However, people do not usually know exactly what the Rat people’s stand it. Rat people’s ability to love can only be determined by their love for money and wary nature. Although, the kindness of Rat is limited, but they still hope others will give them full confidence.

Rat people tend to get along with other well, are hardworking and lives a thrifty lifestyle. Unless they really like a person, otherwise you will not see their generosity. So, if someone receive a precious gift from a Rat person, then this person must have very high critics from the Rat person.

Although, the Rat person loves to get good deals and show off this ability, they do not need worshippers.

If you are a Rat boss, you may care alot for your subordinates, you will be concerned about whether they have enough exercise, or whether their dietary is reasonable. When employees are sick, the Rat will go to visit them, and take they subordinates’ problems as their own problems to solve. And when it comes to long-overdue wage increases, the Rat boss begins to set up obstacles and become stingy. Those who wants to get money from the Rat needs to negotiate and bargain several rounds before reaching an agreement.

As the Rat is a real sad unionist in the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals, they will not only get deeply attached to their children, but also their elders. Parents with children born in the year of the Rat can certainly get good care. Unlike those who are born in the year of Dragon, who require their parents to be perfect. Rat children trust their parents and can cater to their needs. They are also very forgiving to their parents mistakes.

To get a more comprehensive characteristic analysis base on your birth chart, order your personal report now form us.