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Rooster Zodiac

Rooster 2018

As Taisui moves away, it is still very next to you in year 2018, keeping the Rooster in-check. You find that you have the sense of achievement, convincing people over petty issues. Stay cool most of the time in 2018 and think through before you say.


You may find yourself in a situation being frustrated easily. You may have indirectly mentioned something or being subjective on certain issues. That may set you in a disadvantage in front of your superior, thus affecting how your superior judges you and your performance. It may be challenging to convince people to see your perspectives, but you are persistent. Try to listen more and hear from advises. Always think thrice about the ripple effect whenever you want to speak.


You are energetic and restless. You are now talking about going for trips and this is helping you to relax and keep your thought clear. A little more indigestion can be expected so do reduce the intake of cold food and drinks.


Your financial health is getting better. Some people may need to work for it but you would have a better chance to demand since you are able to justify that. Be meticulous in your daily work. That could be a great help to justify your financial income.

chinese zodiac signs

Who will God of wealth visit at the end of the year 2016?

Note: The below content on Chinese Zodiac is collected from the internet, we may not agree with the content and this is for reference only. For a more accurate and personalized reading, we encourage you to look at your own Bazi or get our Bazi Analysis Report

The year will soon be over, some people may be better at the beginning of year on their wealth, and others will be getting their special big profit and get the whole year’s money at the end of the year. So who will have God of Wealth arriving at their doors this year end of 2016? Let us take a look below.

Snake Chinese Zodiac

Snake Chinese Zodiac

Snake people have a good fortune this year, they have smooth development in all aspects, especially at the end of the year, their wealth luck will be enhanced and go out of control. Salaried employees who have been working hard, will be receiving appreciation and recognition from the leadership team, and will have continuous increase in their wages and bonuses. There will be a lot to harvest. There is a strong help and support from certain people, and good profitable advice will be pouring in. For those in businesses, business will be booming, and customers will flock to you. Deposits in banks will soar and wallets will be bulging with cash. So remember to grasp this period of time, at the end of the year 2016. It will be like all your wishes coming true.


Goat Chinese Zodiac

Goat people have good luck and fortune this year in 2016 as well, and their luck has been rising continuously. In this period of end of 2016, their wealth luck is quite strong. There will be a huge progress at work, and there will be a lot of direct wealth coming in. The road to seeking wealth is especially lucky. Money will continue to get in the pockets of Goat people, as if the God of wealth has arrived at the door, to fulfill all the wishes. Goat people can expect to earn a lot of money. They have very good luck in their indirect wealth as well. There will be a lot of unexpected money coming in, welfare bonuses and red packets are possible.


Rooster Chinese Zodiac

Rooster people have it smooth this year, no illnesses, no disasters. This year end of 2016, be prepared to receive the God of Wealth! Get ready to harvest and enjoy your holidays!

Rooster people have very strong help and support from good people, they will have their treasury opened wide, and have money rolling in. Regardless of those who are self-employed or employees of others, you will see money rolling in and your wealth increasing. In addition, Rooster people will have a lot of happy events, you may picked up some valuable things, win lottery and lucky draws.

Rooster Zodiac

Tips to improve luck for Rooster Zodiac

For people born in the year of Rooster Zodiac, whether it is working with others, selecting a marriage partner, or lover and other circumstances, apart from own efforts, Feng Shui also plays an important part. Below we look at the must know Feng Shui knowledge to help improve the luck of Rooster Zodiac.

Direct Wealth corner: North East

Indirect Wealth Corner: East

Tips: Direct Wealth is the legitimate income of money, such as wages, bonuses, etc; Indirect Wealth is illegitimate income of money from sidelines, such as stocks, lottery, competitive profit.

The support of the six-combination: Dragon Zodiac

The support of the full-combination: Snake Zodiac and Ox Zodiac

Tips: If you want career development, you must cooperate more with your support from the full-combination.

Best marriage match: Snake Zodiac, Ox Zodiac and Dragon Zodiac

Unfavourable marriage match: Rabbit Zodiac and Dog Zodiac

Tips: A happy and blissful marriage is built on mutual trusts, respects and understanding

“Peach Blossom” Love corner: South

Tips: Friends who are single can try meeting your lover at this area

Wisdom corner: North

Tips: With a good layout, it will have miraculous results on the academic of students and career of “fighters”

The above are generic tips for the 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac signs, it is best recommended for you to follow your best directions for different usage through your Bazi (Birth Chart). To know your personal lucky directions, get your personal Life Analysis, Wealth luck or Love luck report at Tulipa Xanadu today!

Chinese Zodiac Rooster

Best career for Chinese Zodiac Rooster

Different from the entertainment industry, in the field of literature and art, it depends more on real skills, people born in the year of Chinese Zodiac Rooster will have the will, and once absorbed, they will have a surprising burst of influence, so people born in the year of Chinese Zodiac Rooster will be able to perform their best steadily on the road of literature and art.

Roosters are timekeepers prized animals, they will start to sing before sunrise, when there is light in the sky, so people in ancient times believe that Roosters have the ability to forecast. In Greece mythology, Roosters are able to feel things that humans do not know, things throughout the world from the sky to earth. Therefore, the Roosters also represent an Angel of God. This prophecy ability will also appear in the people who are born in the year of Chinese Zodiac Rooster, they have the foresight, and forecasting ability, tend to think a bit more than others, and few more steps ahead of others. As they tend to have the right perspective for the future, they usually have plans in life, and will not waste time, and often have other unexpected ways to complete the transaction, or to do amazing things.

The most suitable industry for people born in the year of Chinese Zodiac Rooster: Literature and Arts

Different from the entertainment industry, in the field of literature and art, it depends more on real skills, people born in the year of Chinese Zodiac Rooster will have the will, and once absorbed, they will have a surprising burst of influence, so people born in the year of Chinese Zodiac Rooster will be able to perform their best steadily on the road of literature and art.

Some might say that to dabble in arts requires talent, people born in the year of Rooster will never be lack of talent, at all art schools, people born in the year of Chinese Zodiac Rooster will be able to deal with the problems properly, so there’s quite a talent of a zodiac.

People who is rich in artistic literature aura, may not necessarily be good in the field of literature and art, but the slightly gifted and more realistic Rooster people, who know the rules of the game, are able to perform and smooth sail through in the field of literature and art, and they can progress better than a lot of others who are talented.

The above are generic tips for the 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac signs, it is best recommended for you to follow your Bazi (Birth Chart) to get the best career. To know your personal career compatibility, get your personal Career Analysis report at Tulipa Xanadu today!

Chinese Zodiac 2016

Chinese Zodiac 2016 – who are destined to be well off?

With the arrival of the new year, everyone’s wish is not the same. So which animal signs are destined to rich in Tulipa Xanadu Chinese Zodiac 2016 horoscope? Let us find out together below!

Horse Chinese Zodiac

Horse Chinese Zodiac

In year 2016, Horse people do not have any clashes nor combinations, and will have an increasing trend in luck, treat life with a normal attitude, and you will have a higher chance to get that promotion and pay raise! Horse people are always in a positive state of mind to face everything in both work and personal, and they understand that everything is in your hands to get. This year can be said to be part of the career development of the golden age, if you can hold on and overcome one difficulty after another, getting rich will be at your fingertips by end of the year!

Rabbit Chinese Zodiac

Rabbit Chinese Zodiac

Rabbit people have a gentle disposition, although there are no auspicious stars to help in the year 2016, this year is destined to be a rich year for Rabbit people. This year, Rabbit people will enter into a new stage of career development, getting that promotion and pay raise is not a problem, and Rabbit people will return part of the money back to the community, and greatly enhanced their reputations! Good fame and good fortune are just around the corner!

Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Dragon Chinese Zodiac

In year 2016, there is a combination of Dragons with the Taishui, and everything will go well, and even get unexpected help! Dragon people have a sense of righteousness, and they pay attention to their accomplishments and character, as they are loyal and enthusiastic in helping others, they are able to make many friends, and this may be put to great use this year. Friends are support and they will be able to extend their helps to Dragon people in year 2016. Career will progress well and wealth will come together, with either a promotion or a fortune!

Rooster Chinese Zodiac

Rooster Chinese Zodiac

2016 is the year for Rooster people. They will get impressive results from their own ingenuity and hard work in a short time, and will be able to make contribution in their own field more easily. The hard work of Rooster people will be recognised by their leaders, and they will not be far from that promotion and pay raise. Rooster people will also get help from family and friends, getting rich is not a dream!

To have a more comprehensive analysis view into your wealth luck this year 2016, get your personal wealth luck analysis report from Tulipa Xanadu today!

Marriage horoscope

Marriage horoscope: Who will walk down the aisle in 2016

Are you envious of the friends and classmates who are in pairs around you? Are you eager to find your other half? Let us find out together, which are the Chinese animal zodiac signs most likely
to walk down the wedding aisle in year of Monkey 2016.

Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Under the influence of time, and in 2016, the relationships of Dragon people will be smooth sailing, and those who want to achieve a happy marriage will be easy. The dating partners of the Dragon people, will have a wide age difference with the Dragon people, they are more authoritative than the Dragon people, and Dragon people find it hard to resist the charms of their partners. And because the partner is not young, they will naturally want to get married or to determine relationships, so in year 2016 we do not rule out the possibility of sudden marriage for Dragon people.

Rooster Chinese Zodiac

Rooster Chinese Zodiac

In year 2016, Rooster people would want to start a family, and especially in the spring and summer, there is higher chances of a Rooster marriage. Rooster people think that they are getting too old, and are looking for someone to take care of themselves and establish their own happy family. Therefore, Rooster would start to discuss wedding plans with their partners or looking for a partner, with marriage intention. 2016 is a key year for Rooster people, so don’t miss it.

Rat Chinese Zodiac

Rat Chinese Zodiac

2016 is the marriage year for Rat people, it is the year to meet a lot of potential partners, and even marriage, it is a very favourable year for single people born in the year of Rat. Rat people are particularly exposed to partners who will blow their minds, the other party will also date Rat people with marriage in mind, and this will let Rat people be at ease. When Rat people are in love, they will usually start thinking of getting married, whether it is the Rat who propose or being proposed at, it will be a success.

Goat Chinese Zodiac

Goat Chinese Zodiac

2016 is the marriage year for Goat people and also the moments of love, due to having too many choices in love and marriage, it is quite a bit of overwhelming for Goat people, and they do not know how to choose properly. Goat people will also have higher chances to meet potential marriage partners, and of course have the opportunity to marry, which will make them lost and cause them to worry about love. For Goat people who already have a partner, keep your commitment in year 2016 and be strong in your heart, and reject extra affairs, so as not to damage the original happy love relationship.

The above are generic tips for the 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac signs, it is best recommended for you to follow your Bazi (Birth Chart) to get your Marriage horoscope. To know your personal Love match and when is your chance to walk down the wedding aisle, get your personal Love Luck Analysis report at Tulipa Xanadu today!

Rooster Chinese Zodiac

Rooster Chinese Zodiac special character traits analysis

People born in the year of Rooster are honest, wise and skillful, very stable, modern, trendy and have big ambitions, their mind turn around very quickly. They are also impatient, likes to dress up, good at communication, and will always have support, have confidence, determination and perseverance. Wide network of friends, well-spoken, good at debates and are persuasive.

The main strengths of Rooster Chinese Zodiac character

Very stable, big modern and trendy ambitions, the mind can turn around quickly. Impatient, likes to dress up, good at communication, always have support from others, have confidence, determination and perseverance. Wide network of friends, good with words, good at debates and persuasive. Unique sense of coloring. Say whatever that comes to mind without reservation, often stand against strong authority, confidence, loves luxurious style. Love compliments, and likes to compliment others, and do not like unkempt people. Frank and active, daring and witty, dedicated, hardworking and generous. Focus and competitive, the mind reacts quickly. Thoughtful, diligence, capable, responsible, discipline, hate idling people.

The main weaknesses of Rooster Chinese Zodiac character

Tend to have attitude to play hot and cold, tend to talk a lot with very little action. Will display dissatisfaction immediately without hiding. Everything is based on self-interests, optimistic, but mean and myopic, self-righteous and loved to boast. Will not reserve in speech and tend to ignore other people’s feelings and dignity. Speaking without caution is the biggest drag in social networking. Will not accept other people’s advice, but will be justifiably give others advice. Do not like formal traditional dressing, but exotic styles. Like nagging, petty, arrogant, brash, vanity.

Detailed character description of those born in the year of You Rooster Chinese Zodiac

“Rooster” in the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs represents “Full of fantasy and heroic”, a Don Quixote-like figure, the Rooster thought of himself as the world’s “fearless” hero. In practical terms, the “Rooster” may seems radical by the appearance, and pride oneself on being out of the ordinary, but they are actually conservative and wedded to tradition at heart. Rooster people characters, basically fall into two categories, those who like to chat, and always with a lot of gossips and hot tempered, another type is good at observation, and have the ability to watch and learn the expressions and behaviour of others. These two personalities are difficult to get along with. If the Rooster person is born in Yin (Tiger) hour, at the crack of dawn or the dusk hour, this Rooster person will have the nagging characteristic. Rooster people will just keep on talking without giving others a break. The worse is Roosters tend to talk too much, but with no substance, and no serious topics. Contrary to the Rooster people who are born in the night, the Rooster person is excessively serious, conservative, not a sociable person, indifferent to others, like a nerd, weird temper and unpredictable.

People who are born in the year of Rooster Chinese Zodiac tend to look better, especially the men, are handsome, Rooster people are also proud of their looks and love to show themselves. Others will not get to see Rooster people being lazy, and Rooster people always stand up tall, dignified and noble. Even the shyest people born this year, will still show their smartness, wittiness, and their personality in front of others. If the Rooster is sometimes extravagant, they will only spend the money on themselves. Rooster people are picky in choice of dressing, they like attention. Rooster people sometimes decorate their home and office gaudily. Rooster people also loves dressing up. Rooster people will also have the highest regard for titles and medals, the Rooster people will try to at least have a chance to get the medal, or a professional title, even in war, the Rooster will also want to win a medal. Other than spending on their families, Rooster people will also spend in the pursuit of love, or to win the goodwill of colleagues. There is only one thing that others can get free from the Rooster, and that is suggestions.

Rooster people have many fine qualities to make up for their shortcomings. Rooster people are competent, have good organisational ability, serious, straightforward, and ability to act decisively. Rooster people have the courage to stand against violent acts with harsh criticism. All Rooster people are fastidious and perfectionists. Rooster people are very sensitive to problems with strong theories, they will follow according to established regulations in dealing with any problems, they cannot understand others who do not play by the rules. Rooster people have many strengths. Rooster people will try their best to help others. Rooster people are very concerned with their families, and will defend their own little world. Rooster people also want to have a big family, so there are more people to encourage them to get things done. For those who occupies the place of the Rooster people, they will adopt an unfriendly attitude. No matter how big the changes are, they do not affect the Rooster people, because Rooster people work tirelessly, and enjoys overcoming all kinds of things, and find their way out. Rooster people are well prepared, and know things are not always satisfactory. Rooster people dare to have bold fantasies, and are full of ambitions, and are destined for success in their daily work. Also, these highly competitive Rooster people, will not let you off when they are angry.

The drawbacks of the strengths of these Rooster people are, they love to quarrel, always showing off their knowledge, and never care about how others feel. When defeated, they will not get depressed, they will share with everyone else their point of views and win the trusts and support of people. When Rooster people are in pessimistic, they will become very stubborn and stand strongly with their opinions. They believe they are right and will only recognise their own strengths and not their weaknesses. However, if we analyse their thoughts, you will find that Rooster people only want to confirm their value, and appease themselves, and not necessarily force it upon others. As Rooster people like to bluff and bluster, they are not able to understand themselves, and showing off, exaggerating is detrimental to them.

If Rooster people are far from their dream goals of life, or the possibility of achieving it is very small, the Rooster will be down in the dumps. One of the weaknesses of Rooster people, is that if they encounter obstacles while working towards their goals, they will be at a loss and cannot handle even small problems and results in hovering, and ended up with nothing done. This is unhelpful for Rooster people. Rooster people should learn not to become paralysed and use multifaceted approach to problems. In short, these Rooster people are brave knights fighting for their ideals, but at the same time, they are the utopian “hero” when their ideals fall short in reality. Rooster people are proud, love to stand out and are selfish. Rooster people will not admit their mistakes, and are very sensitive to criticism. On the other hand, they will always in all its aspects, discredit their opponents.

Roosters are excellent performers, the Rooster will usually be the center of attention in activities, always so glamorous. The personality of Rooster people leave deep impressions on people, every movements are in public’s attention. The cheerful mood, astute character and behavior of Rooster, often makes the Rooster not give up any opportunity to boast of his adventures and achievements. Rooster people have skills of speech and writing abilities, the Rooster people are always ready to talk about any topic. If others wish to debate with Rooster people on certain topic, they should expect to fail.

Rooster people are home players, and like to solve and deal with difficult issues. But do not look to Rooster people to do innovative work, the Rooster will do very well in work assigned to them, but they lack of creativity. Rooster people have difficulties undertaking the task of those reforms. Rooster people have mood swings. The active and sensitive psychological characteristics of Rooster people dominate their emotional ups and downs. Rooster people focus on the connections between things, and will never make unilateral conclusions, they are always looking for lots of facts to be proved. Roosters are excellent investigators, with talent like “Sherlock Holmes”.

All Rooster workers have good reputations, Rooster people know how to use their wisdom and high efficiency to win the leader’s trust. Despite Rooster people are energetic and efficient, with high success rates, if the Rooster people do not like what they are doing, they will not put in any efforts. Rooster people will get honors in ordinary jobs, get good bonuses, but will not have a great future. Therefore, any type of Rooster people will find themselves of great value in ordinary work. But Roosters must be careful at work in order to keep going smoothly for a long time.

Rooster people have the ability and good at doing hard work, talented young Rooster people began their careers and achieve results in early stage of life. Rooster people need a rigorous and tough way to bound their own active personality, and must clearly realise that no matter how hotheaded, they should not be easily swept into the turmoil of fights, and to be good at listening to the views of others. In short, people born in the year of Rooster Chinese Zodiac will be able to come to fruition if they can stay calm.

All Rooster are good at managing finance at home, Rooster people will pinch pennies and strive to achieve a fiscal balance. Rooster people are very strict in managing the treasury, they will calculate all the things in details, and also treasure their time. Rooster kids can also act as “keeper of the property”, Rooster people will collect each pennies as a way to expand their “small banks”. Even when the careless children of Rooster return the borrowed money to Rooster person, they will still think of interests.

If others have a spending problems, they can place their money in the hands of Rooster people, as the Rooster will help others to develop a strict spending budget, and limit the spend within the scope, extra money is not allowed. The spending habit will then be gradually gotten rid of. Rooster people are also willing to help restrict others from using their money, and others will not feel discomfort ad will thank the Rooster for helping out. Under the shrewd management of economic experts, Rooster people, the money that is thrown away freely by others will be put to proper use, income of others can also be accumulated, so that others see the future in life. Under the economic supervision of the Rooster people, creditors will not bother others day and night. Others must make clear that without this economic saving by Rooster people, others will be in the worst shape. I understand that some people might have the idea that the Rooster people are being too strict on other people’s finances, and will not miss out even small mistakes. But you must know, when you are in good economic state, it does not necessarily means stability. When others have a little loss, do not get stressed up, calmly discuss with the Rooster people, and listen to the Rooster people strict guidance to others.

Let us extend this thought, whenever someone was rescued from trouble by Rooster people, Rooster people will ask: “Do you want to be a good person or succumb to your own degeneration?” This question encourages people to reflect on their own. In the help of Rooster people, others will thrive, and therefore, words of Rooster will work for others. Although, others are not living together with Rooster people, others can not live without Rooster people. Wherever there are Rooster people, others will not be disappointed at all times.

In order to better understand the Rooster, one must put up with the Rooster people addiction of debating, and debate is the nature of Rooster people, and will not be changed in their will. Therefore, no matter how unacceptable this point is to others, others have to control and not get angry, otherwise, they may trigger Rooster’s anger and cause an outbreak of “battle”. However, no matter how Rooster people show their profound erudition, the Rooster’s inner world is quiet and lonely. If others can support the proposals of the Rooster people, then the Rooster people will put forward some new ideas in their work and gain achievements. In short, cocky Roosters people will leave a deep impression on others. Others will either get attracted to Rooster people or have aversion.

Rooster women likes to dressed simple and naturally, they also rely on this type of character to do solid work, this style is often praised by others. Looking into the handbags of Rooster women, others will find the character of the Rooster woman. Rooster women record of all kinds of things and will carry with them the size chart of all family members. Rooster women like to organise and manage, they will not only open the doors in the morning, but will also close the doors behind the guests. They will maintain their own responsibility and willing to admit their authority at home management. Rooster women will not tolerate others instructing them to do this or that. In addition, the Rooster women are also very strict in preventing disease transmission.

Rooster ladies are preferable to Rooster men, Rooster ladies can perform well and work in any industry. If the Rooster women are assigned to a factory or Rooster units as an ordinary worker, Rooster ladies will not feel ashamed and insecure, responsible Rooster ladies will take the work seriously. Rooster ladies have the same capacity as their Rooster men to take on difficult tasks. Even better, Rooster ladies will not get angry easily, they have confidence, loyalty, and not stubborn. Therefore, the Rooster women can take work that requires attentiveness and meticulous, such as proofreading, long-term studies, and so on. Because of the characteristics of patience and meticulous, Rooster ladies can also be a good teacher and a good wife. Rooster ladies will carefully remind the next step, out Rooster ladies keen concern to individuals, and not to disturb others. Rooster ladies will not tolerate errors from people they are helping, they continue to remind those people, and helping them realise their mistakes. In short, the Rooster ladies take care of people, and expect perfection of the results. When the Rooster ladies’ feelings are hurt, they will not hit back with fierce words. Once they take a sympathetic view they will never leave hard feelings.

Rooster women tend to be more practical, and does not boast of their merits. Rooster ladies are strong in handling issues and will go straight to the point. When others work with Rooster ladies, they can rely on Rooster ladies to motivate and encourage, and result in having more energy, to finish their work. Therefore, others are desperate to find women like Rooster ladies to assist in their work (except the women born in the year of pig). Although, Rooster women always look like they subject to overall arrangement on the surface, Rooster women are in fact, willing to solve the messy problems, to make use of their talents.

The Rooster people get along well with Snake people, Rooster people need the smart and sleek Snake people to offset in characters, Snake people needs the capable Rooster people to assist, and also needs the encouragement of Rooster people’s cheerful and fearless of life inspiration. Ox people will also welcome the Rooster people to add colors in their lives. Dragon people can also learn from Rooster people, to keep reserves and have the courage to plan far and big. People born in the year of Tiger, Goat, Monkey and Pig can also become the perfect partner to Rooster people. But two Roosters will cause battles. The battle between Rooster people and the Rat people is also very intense. Rooster people lack a sense of intimacy, and therefore will not get along with Rabbit people who enjoys good relationships with others. Rabbit people are sensitive, and take evasive attitude towards quarreling with their rivals, they do not actively stimulate and provoke opponents. Rooster people, on the other hand, are good at provoking, and creating battles, and is good at leading others with their words, this behavior makes Rabbit people immensely disgusted, and even intolerable. The relationship between Dog people and Rooster people are uncertain, sometimes they get intimate, sometimes they are as cold as ice, this is according to whether their views are together. When you need each other, the Rooster people will cooperate, but Rooster people are meant to not have happy ending in marriages.

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