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Snake Zodiac

Snake 2018

For people whom were born in the year of Snake, they will still experience the prosperity and abundance carried over from last year into first half of 2018. But the hype and excitement cannot keep on going. There will be a time when music stops and everyone has to go. And further into the second half of 2018, they may want to hold off plans and start consolidating. If you have not been making use of the greater opportunity given in year 2017, it may take you extra efforts to make things happened in year 2018, not to mention the effect will be minimal.


You most probably face challenging task in the area of work. Instead of planning and discussing about new businesses, you find yourself buried into issues of existing businesses. You can imagine the situation of bringing new businesses and now you will need to manage the expectations of your clients. If you are able to manage that through, congratulations to you, but this is what you ought to deliver, so no rewards for managing that. You may need to travel more for your business or for work, locally or overseas.


You will feel more drained since you will need to handle nit-picky issues and perhaps from the frequent traveling. Enjoy the process will tend to help. Other than this, you are in great health.


You may spend more for traveling or holidays. Be wise in spending in year 2018 as there will be more stuff to be spent on, such like household appliances, where they may need to be replaced due to end of lifespan or spoilt. Be wise of what you are spending on.

end of year 2017

3 zodiac signs with good fortune in end of year 2017

We have come to the end of year 2017 and congratulate to the below 3 Chinese zodiac signs that will have constant happy events and news from now till end of year 2017.

Ox zodiac


People born in the year of Ox will have their luck star smiling at them at the end of year 2017. There will be a lot of help and opportunities offered by others. Ox people are hardworking and brave, and always have a firm goal and are confidence, and this year end, is their harvest. Their work will be appreciated, and there will be high-level promotion.

Dragon zodiac


People born in the year of Dragon are kind and compassionate, and they enjoy making new friends. Whenever, they are in need of help, they will be able to get it from others and turn the table around, and this attracts the envy of others. This year end 2017, people born in the year of Dragon, will have good luck in wealth and money. There will be an opportunity of huge amount of money coming in from external sources. For those who have the habit of investing, you can consider increasing the amount and expect a happy reward.

Snake Chinese Zodiac


People born in the year of snake are born with good luck. They are always able to overcome challenges smoothly. This year end of 2017, they will be able to earn as much as possible, and not only are they going to be overwhelmed with material gains, they will also be able to take out a portion of money for charity to accumulate more merits for their good luck. If they are able to grasp the right opportunity, they will be able to have the last laugh.

Money and Love Luck 2017

Zodiac Signs with double harvest in Money and Love Luck 2017

Note: The below content on Chinese Zodiac is collected from the internet, we may not agree with the content and this is for reference only. For a more accurate and personalized reading, we encourage you to look at your own Bazi or get our Bazi Analysis Report

With the coming of a new year, every will have a change in their luck. In the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs, the below listed will have double harvest in their Money and Love luck this coming 2017, and they will be the envy of others.

Ox zodiac

Ox Chinese Zodiac

People who are born in the year of the Ox Chinese Zodiac sign are serious and responsible. They are always able to achieve success through their hard work but, they are also those who have to work very hard to gain a little. In the coming year 2017, the year of Rooster Chinese Zodiac sign, Ox and Rooster Chinese Zodiac have the relationship of the “3 combination of nobility”, and therefore, this year will be a year of celebration for the Ox people, especially in Money and Love luck. They will have smooth sailing year in their career, and have their ability stand out and thus, will be able to get that pay raise and promotion that they wanted. They will also have a lot of opportunities to gain money. In love, Ox people will be able to get a sweet relationships and good news will come endlessly.

Dragon zodiac

Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Docile and fair Dragon people will be on the top Good luck chart this 2017. As Dragon and Rooster have a relationship of the “6 combination”, their overall luck will be at the best, both money and love luck will increase dramatically. At work, they will be especially lucky and will be able to handle any tasks easily. In addition with the help of people, they will be able to efficiently complete their tasks to perfection. In love, they will be able to find their life partner and even walk down the wedding aisle. They will have all kinds of good events happening and have double harvest in both money and love luck.

Snake Chinese Zodiac

Snake Chinese Zodiac

Snake woman has a flexible mind and super adaptability skills. They are detailed and it is easy to win at the starting line. In 2017, the snake and the “Tai Sui” will form a pattern, because the snake as fire element, will unite with the Rooster for gold. Therefore, good luck will be overflowing next year. Whether a snake man or a snake woman, they will be hit with great help and support. The Treasury will be opened for them and they will have money rolling in. In love, they will have good news constantly, and will be the envy of others.

December 2016

3 Zodiac Signs with Best Career Luck this December 2016

Note: The below content on Chinese Zodiac is collected from the internet, we may not agree with the content and this is for reference only. For a more accurate and personalized reading, we encourage you to look at your own Bazi or get our Bazi Analysis Report

In order to achieve fame and fortune, a person must have a good career development path. Find out which are the 3 Chinese zodiac signs that will have a great career development this December 2016!

Rat zodiac

Rat Chinese Zodiac Sign

After December 7, the general luck for people born in the year of Rat Chinese zodiac sign are relatively smooth, especially in the career aspects. It is easy to make progress at work and the future is bright. There is great opportunity to increase their performance and showcase their talents. They will be clear headed and can easily complete the most difficult tasks. Being satisfied with their work, Rat people will feel great and become more efficient. This will also earn them customers’ trusts and recognition.

Dragon zodiac

Dragon Chinese Zodiac Sign

People born in the year of Dragon Chinese Zodiac sign will encounter the “three noble combination” in December. This means that they will have all their wishes coming true, and have a smooth sailing path to success. They would be able to get the guidance and help of great people, and will be working on the right track, with relatively increased opportunities to make money and to break through the bottleneck. They will only require little effort to seize the opportunity to soar, and get that fame and fortune.

Snake Chinese Zodiac

Snake Chinese Zodiac Sign

Into December, people who are born in the year of Snake Chinese Zodiac sign will enter the great financial and career luck. It is easy for them to stand out and everything in pursuit of perfection. Snake people will have excellent interpersonal relationships, and their work can also be carried out smoothly without any obstacles. They can also resolve difficulties calmly, and if coupled with a powerful support, their luck will become even more powerful. All in all, December is the month of prosperity for the Snake people, and the future is bright.

chinese zodiac signs

Chinese zodiac signs that will have their careers soaring high this winter

Note: The below content on Chinese Zodiac is collected from the internet, we may not agree with the content and this is for reference only. For a more accurate and personalized reading, we encourage you to look at your own Bazi or get our Bazi Analysis Report

In the theory of the ten gods of Bazi numerology, Direct and Indirect Officers are elements which are controlling the element of the Day Master. Winter is “water” element and it is the most prosperous season of the season, because “water” represents money.


Snake Chinese Zodiac

Snake Chinese Zodiac

Snake is self-confident, shrewd and decisive, but they are also extra careful at work. They are able to achieve outstanding performance at work easily, and even have access to leadership responsibilities. This winter, the cause of the operation of the snake is more vigorous and out of control. Help and support energies are strong. No matter what they do, they will be met with good luck and able to break through the bottleneck, shine, and get that pay raise and promotion they wanted. Those who are in businesses will also have their businesses up to another level.


Horse Chinese Zodiac

Horse people, no matter what their previous fortune might be, in the period of “water” elements, in the cause of winter, they can be quite prosperous. As if broken bamboo can get straightened up the next day, and get ushered into a golden opportunity. There are many opportunities for cooperation, regardless of businessmen or workers, coupled with the horse’s own talent, the cause of a bright future. Therefore, as long as the horse have a good grasp of the opportunity, we can usher into the peak of luck!

chinese zodiac signs

Who will God of wealth visit at the end of the year 2016?

Note: The below content on Chinese Zodiac is collected from the internet, we may not agree with the content and this is for reference only. For a more accurate and personalized reading, we encourage you to look at your own Bazi or get our Bazi Analysis Report

The year will soon be over, some people may be better at the beginning of year on their wealth, and others will be getting their special big profit and get the whole year’s money at the end of the year. So who will have God of Wealth arriving at their doors this year end of 2016? Let us take a look below.

Snake Chinese Zodiac

Snake Chinese Zodiac

Snake people have a good fortune this year, they have smooth development in all aspects, especially at the end of the year, their wealth luck will be enhanced and go out of control. Salaried employees who have been working hard, will be receiving appreciation and recognition from the leadership team, and will have continuous increase in their wages and bonuses. There will be a lot to harvest. There is a strong help and support from certain people, and good profitable advice will be pouring in. For those in businesses, business will be booming, and customers will flock to you. Deposits in banks will soar and wallets will be bulging with cash. So remember to grasp this period of time, at the end of the year 2016. It will be like all your wishes coming true.


Goat Chinese Zodiac

Goat people have good luck and fortune this year in 2016 as well, and their luck has been rising continuously. In this period of end of 2016, their wealth luck is quite strong. There will be a huge progress at work, and there will be a lot of direct wealth coming in. The road to seeking wealth is especially lucky. Money will continue to get in the pockets of Goat people, as if the God of wealth has arrived at the door, to fulfill all the wishes. Goat people can expect to earn a lot of money. They have very good luck in their indirect wealth as well. There will be a lot of unexpected money coming in, welfare bonuses and red packets are possible.


Rooster Chinese Zodiac

Rooster people have it smooth this year, no illnesses, no disasters. This year end of 2016, be prepared to receive the God of Wealth! Get ready to harvest and enjoy your holidays!

Rooster people have very strong help and support from good people, they will have their treasury opened wide, and have money rolling in. Regardless of those who are self-employed or employees of others, you will see money rolling in and your wealth increasing. In addition, Rooster people will have a lot of happy events, you may picked up some valuable things, win lottery and lucky draws.

Snake Zodiac

Tips to improve luck for Snake Zodiac

For people born in the year of Snake Zodiac, whether it is working with others, selecting a marriage partner, or lover and other circumstances, apart from own efforts, Feng Shui also plays an important part. Below we look at the must know Feng Shui knowledge to help improve the luck of Snake Zodiac.

Direct Wealth corner: South West

Indirect Wealth Corner: West

Tips: Direct Wealth is the legitimate income of money, such as wages, bonuses, etc; Indirect Wealth is illegitimate income of money from sidelines, such as stocks, lottery, competitive profit.

The support of the six-combination: Monkey Zodiac

The support of the full-combination: Rooster Zodiac and Ox Zodiac

Tips: If you want career development, you must cooperate more with your support from the full-combination.

Best marriage match: Rooster Zodiac, Monkey Zodiac, Ox Zodiac

Unfavourable marriage match: Pig Zodiac and Tiger Zodiac

Tips: A happy and blissful marriage is built on mutual trusts, respects and understanding

“Peach Blossom” Love corner: South

Tips: Friends who are single can try meeting your lover at this area

Wisdom corner: South West

Tips: With a good layout, it will have miraculous results on the academic of students and career of “fighters”

The above are generic tips for the 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac signs, it is best recommended for you to follow your best directions for different usage through your Bazi (Birth Chart). To know your personal lucky directions, get your personal Life Analysis, Wealth luck or Love luck report at Tulipa Xanadu today!

Chinese Zodiac Snake

Best career for Chinese Zodiac Snake

People born in the year of Chinese Zodiac Snake are best at creating atmosphere of colorful life with dazzling effect, and others are fascinated by everything created by them. They will always take every opportunity to make an explosive entertainment, this is the area of expertise of the snake people that no one can replace.

Snakes usually gives people poor impressions, with insidious habit of conniving, flashing actions, not fair and square. But Snakes are also known as little Dragons, with the characters of the Dragons, therefore, snake people have calm appearances, but in fact they are very passionate inside. Because in the 12 earthly branches, the element of both “Si” and “Wu” is fire, “Wu” people are more passionate and “Si” is lesser in comparison, they are the “Yin” Fire, like charcoal fire, no big flame, but it is also able to boil water. People born in the year of Chinese Zodiac Snake, are bright and warm inside, and is a person suitable for engaging in spiritual activities, they also have the heart for progression, and like everything grows, they will try to complete the task, and dare to accept the challenge, and can get things done.

The most suitable industry for people born in the year of Chinese Zodiac Snake: Entertainment

People born in the year of Chinese Zodiac Snake are best at creating atmosphere of colorful life with dazzling effect, and others are fascinated by everything created by them. They will always take every opportunity to make an explosive entertainment, this is the area of expertise of the snake people that no one can replace.

Actually, even in other industries, the playful character of Snake people and their ability to build a fun atmosphere, will eventually turn into entertainment, so they should start to develop towards the direction of entertainment to save time.

Combined with their approachable personality, and good adaptability, their open way of doing things and a flexible attitude, can often make a lot of people to like them, and the most important thing is that the industry is promising.

The above are generic tips for the 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac signs, it is best recommended for you to follow your Bazi (Birth Chart) to get the best career. To know your personal career compatibility, get your personal Career Analysis report at Tulipa Xanadu today!

Snake Chinese Zodiac

Snake Chinese Zodiac special character traits analysis

People born in the year of Snakes Chinese Zodiac sign, are stable and intelligent, well arranged plans, and have very sociable disposition. They have high quality and are often praised by friends, but are often insidious and jealous of others, and resulted in difficulty in maintaining permanent friendship. They are paranoid and horny, likes arguing with others and often lose a good opportunity, ought to be more wary of this. People in the year of Snake are born with courage and cordial, women are good with housework, but are easily irritable and have short considerations.

The main strengths of Snake Chinese Zodiac character

Mysterious, romantic, gentle appearance and well refined attitude, good at rhetoric and is very personal. Cool, imperturbability, have fighting spirit. Does not show off talents, but secretly work in accordance with plans and gradually progress. Strong ability to feel and understand, therefore, able to provide good care to others. Often run into good opportunities before anyone else, dream that of power to create successful business, but without a spirit of cooperation, and are prone to failure. Silent and not easily angered, always look before they leap, are savvy intellectuals. Understand their own ability very well, place great importance to life spiritually, have strong sixth sense and extraordinary insights, strong in views and judgments of things. Very lucky in money, and never short of money, have very strong desire to get money. Sharp thoughts, though living a dull life, but able to make quick and intelligent decisions, unbelievably rich in inspiration.

The main weaknesses of Snake Chinese Zodiac character

Cold on the surface and possessive, has a softer side, unable to get close to and does not easily show their true-self, and not easily befriend anyone. Vain and materialistic by nature, and often gets skeptical eyes of others. Mood swings, susceptible to twists and turns in love life. Knows when to advance and retreat, sociable, jealous of others, not easy to get along with the people around her, place priority in love and money. Although courteous, but in fact can be stubborn to admit defeat. Love deep and faithful, unable to tolerate ungratefulness or betrayal by partner.

Detailed character description of those born in the year of Si Snake Chinese Zodiac

Snakes are the most stubborn among the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs, people born in the year of Snake Chinese Zodiac are the most mysterious and the most incredible character. Some Asians believe that the Snake is insidious, and fear them because of their elusive nature. In fact, this is because Snakes live longer, each time their skin shed, they get a new life. This special quality of the snake means snake people have very strong regenerative capacity, and after every battle, you can quickly restore energy. Chinese people traditionally believe that snake people born during spring and summer are the most powerful, and because the snakes hibernate in the winter time, snake people who are born during winter are relatively quiet and obedient. In addition, Snake people born in good weather are more optimistic, and more likely to be content compared to Snake people who are born in bad weathers. The most beautiful women and men with strong personality are born in the year of Snake Chinese Zodiac. So if you are a snake, you will have good luck.

Like the Dragon, Snake Chinese Zodiac reflects your destiny, you either end your life with the Arc de Triomphe, or end in tragedy. This is dominated by your actions. Prediction of what will happen to the Snake people or to what extent you will develop is unreliable, as your computer-head never stopped planning and enduring.

Due to your natural and unique wisdom, you are also a natural Mystic. Graceful and gentle Snake people loves to read, listen to music, eat delicious food, and love to see plays. You are attracted to all the good things in life.

Snake people often rely on their own judgment, and will not have a heart to heart communicate with others. Speaking from the nature, Snake people are suspicious lot, but different from Tiger people, Snake people hide their suspicions, and their secrets in their hearts. You may have a high level of religious credentials, or you are a total hedonist, but either way, snake people prefer to believe in their own fantasy, and are unwilling to accept other people’s advice. Of course, you are always correct most of the time under normal circumstances. Behind your sophisticated appearance, hides a strong suspicion, though you always deny this. In fact, the most difficult part to handle Snake people, is that they are different on the outside and inside, your quiet exterior hides an alert heart. You never show your true colours, and before you action, you have already carefully planned. Some Snake people may speak slowly or even lazily, but this does not reflect your interpretation of speed of thought or action. You like to think, like calculating and systematically express your views, and in most cases, you are also very careful with your words.

The Snake people who always talk politely and gently, are not willing to indulge in useless talk or small things. Other Chinese zodiac signs might be willing to pay off favours and debt in their next life, but Snake people seems to be destined to pay off all their debts and favours before they die this life. Perhaps you would rather do this, as Snake people are enthusiastic and serious in everything you do, and everything you do are either intentionally or unintentionally trying to pay your debts and favours off. However, while you are very generous in terms of money to others, but when you want to achieve an important goal, your heartlessness is well known. You may have a clear conscience on rooting out anyone in your way. You have a strong will. In addition, you are very cunning, just when your enemies think they have caught you, you have already gotten away. When you decided to put your heart on some thing, you would do it even in broad daylight without any scruples.

Generally speaking Snake people have a sense of humor, but there are exceptions. Some people are cold and others often mock and ridicule others. Some people are kind, but some people are cruel. The best time to observe all of this, is when the Snake is forced to a corner. In time of crisis, Snake people are always able to enliven the atmosphere in a playful way, even when you are pressurized, you will not show fear. Until now, you must know that dealing with Snake people is by no means an easy task.

In the riot and trouble, Snake people is the backbone, you can face chaos calmly, and cope with any eventuality. You have a very strong sense of responsibility and clear objectives. With your lofty ideals and natural advantages combined, you can reach the pinnacle of your career. Snake people can become philosophers, theologians, politicians and cunning financier, is probably the most profound thinkers.

Snake people are passionate lovers, your eyes are always delivering love messages around. If you think you are in love, it would be a mistake. As you are sensitive to anything, and eager to close a big deal, your eyes will also flash with the same enthusiasm, just like when you found your first love. Snake people normally lead a volatile, full of passion and struggle life, especially those who love limelight and fame.

In dealings with others, you show strong possessiveness and is very demanding of others. You hold a certain degree of mistrust of your friends, and you will never forgive people who break promises. In fear and doubt, Snake people are easily nervous and even paranoid. When Snake people are provoked, they hate and gnash, but your hostile behavior is quiet and rooted in deep. You like to use cold and icy hostility to express your discontentment, not just sharp and strong languages to represent. There is a type of Snake people who like to give enemies a fatal blow, and get them completely eliminated. You think like a calculator and bide revenge until the time is ripe. For those who have unfortunately angered the Snake people, feeling to Siberia do not seem to be a bad thing.

Snake people are lucky to have everything you need, you will not be bothered by lack of money. Even when in short of money, you will very soon find a way to change the situation. However, Snake people should not gamble, as you will end up with nothing. If you suffered a great loss, you will not suffer a second strike, as you will awaken and quickly recovered. In General, you are cautious and wary in business. When a young Snake person experience poverty or disasters, he or she will most probably never forget the past encounters, and may only want to accumulate wealth, and turn into a greedy and money loving person.

Snake people have very good skin, they will not have pimples or blemishes for long, even in the case of lack of attention to skin care as well. Stress can affect your digestive system and nervous system, but few effects on your appearance. Many Snake people are likely to die from stomach ulcers or mental breakdown, these diseases are caused by depression.

Females born in the year of Snake Chinese Zodiac sign are beautiful, her calm, serene and unparalleled beauty fascinated people. She has confidence and poised. Although she often wandered lazily, give the impression of laziness and ease, but she is by no means the case, her mind is always very busy.

Snake woman loves fashion and dresses appropriately. She is very fond of jewelries, and very careful in the selection of clothing. If the economy allows, she will buy the best and genuine diamonds, pearls, emeralds and rubies. Please do not send her gold plated or fake imitation stuff, she would rather not have your gifts, and not care for the fakes. She will not dress herself with worthless fakes.

Similarly, Snake woman has very high criteria for selecting friends. She upholds power and money, and if she fails to meet those conditions, she will be married to a rich and powerful person. No matter how powerful and rich the husband is, as long as you get married, she will be your most valuable asset. As long as her husband has the potential, she will do her best for you to be successful. She will dress up and act as a perfect hostess, and always keen to point out to her husband every chance in life. With such guidance, dedication and support, there is no other way except to move upwards.

Snakes women do not care about equality between the sexes. She has never suffered for women’s empowerment issues. When she can easily tempt men to act according to her motives, why bother with about the competition between the sexes? In regards to women’s rights, she is just thinking about it. So when she got confused with the fighting for equal rights, please do not blame her, because she has always thought that girls are inherently superior, though she never ignorantly tell the guys who pursue her. As long as they submit to her will, she will make those folks happy.

In fact, the Snake woman’s appearance is not perfect. If you look at her features individually, you will find that she is flawed. It could be that her nose is too big or the eyes get too close. But on the whole time, you can see her charm being displayed.

The best partners of Snake people, are the reliable Ox, the fearless Rooster or the talented Dragon. You will also have very good cooperation with people of Rat, Rabbit, Goat and Dog signs. However, you should keep away from the Tigers who love challenges, Tiger people do not appreciate your discerning eye. The impulsive and difficult to deal with, Horse sign can only have a generic relationship with you. The clever Monkeys will challenge Snake in the game of slyness. Two Snake people can live in peace together. Pigs and snakes, have nothing in common in terms of their personalities, the snake is sleek and sophisticated, while the pig is honest, they are the two extremes.

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